Saturday, March 24, 2012

Why Triple H/Undertaker means more than Rock/Cena

The WWE has done a great job of building the Triple H vs. Undertaker at Wrestlemania as the end of an era match, and they have managed to plant some doubt in the fans minds that maybe this is the year that the streak ends.

This feud has really played out better on television than the Rock and Cena feud because you can truly tell that HHH and Undertaker respect each other. Respect is something you must have to make a great feud. Hogan and Andre had it in the 80’s, Sting and Flair had it in the early 90’s. Rock and Cena have the ability to throw out funny insults that tend to trend on twitter but just doesn't give the “biggest match ever” feel that the WWE would like it to have.

Does this mean the streak ends? No, this has become a huge deal in the WWE an “event” at Wrestlemania and with Undertaker’s decreased schedule as this will be his first match since Wrestlemania 27 assuming he stays healthy they can continue this streak for years to come seeing as how guys like to wrestle well into there 50’s.

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