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The Raw Review 8/6/2012

WWE Monday Night RAW 8/6/2012
The AT&T Center  San Antonio, Texas

The CM Punk / AJ Lee summit

Punk's slow build into a heel continued to take shape here, and it was fantastic. Like any great villain, Punk felt his actions the last two weeks were justified.

Punk tries to get the Triple Threat Match at Summerslam called off, but AJ has none of it.

I like that the Punk/AJ dynamic has flipped in the last month. I was dreading the mere thought of Punk and AJ becoming an on screen couple, so this was good stuff if you ask me.

Out comes Cena to throw stones at Punk's "new attitude".

What pissed me off about this was Cena even suggesting that Punk has earned respect over the last 261 days of his WWE Titles reign. If I'm not mistaken, Punk has done nothing but earn everything he's gotten since Survivor Series. Sure, I might sound like a Mark by saying that, but Punk has brought prestige back to the belt, that was diminished while it was held by guys like John Cena over the last 8 years.

AJ then sticks Punk into a 'Raw Active' Match. The fans on twitter have Kane, The Miz, and Rey Mysterio to choose from. There is no way that it wont be Rey.


Non-Title: CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio

These two have had better matches, but this was a great TV bout. I would've liked more time,  but they made the most of what they were given, and that's all I can ask.

Finish: Rey came off the top attempting a big splash, but Punk managed to get his knees up just in time. Punk then finished off Rey with a  GTS to pick up the win.

Winner: CM Punk

Wade Barrett return vignette

This was AWESOME!! I've missed Wade. He was finally getting a chance to showcase what makes him so great before he went down with an elbow injury. WWE has been pushing younger stars up the card, so having him back on the roster is a huge win.

Christian vs Alberto Del Rio

This one was OK, but the finish was too close to the previous match if you ask me.

Finish: Christian goes up top, but Ricardo distracts him which allows Alberto to nail Captain Charisma with a boot to knock him onto the mat. He then slaps on the Cross Armbreaker to make Christian tap out.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Post Match: Sheamus steals Alberto's car, and I could care less.

Randy Orton vs The Big Show

This one was better than I anticipated. It was far from being the snore-fest that I thought it would be going in.  They both were on their game, and put on a pretty good match. The only thing I had a problem with was the ending.

Finish: Both men brawl to the outside and get counted out.

Winner: Double Count out.

Post Match: Big Show tosses Orton back into the ring and goes for the WMD, but it's countered with an RKO out of nowhere.

Ryback vs Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks

Ryback got fed, thats all I have to say about this one.

Finish: Ryback hits the Marching Fishermens Buster on Reks to get the pin.

Winner: Ryback

The Primetime Players vs Epico & Primo

I spent more time listening to AW to try and pick on up any new rape jokes, then I did paying attention to the match. And you could tell that he's been neutered because of his Kobe Bryant comment from last week, which is a shame. It was the first entertaining thing to come out of his mouth.

Finish: The Primetime Players try to bail on the match, but Kofi and Truth cut them off at the ramp. They toss the heels back in, and Young gets hit with the backstabber to eat a loss for his team.

Winners: Epico & Primo

Damien Sandow vs Brodus Clay

Sandow attacks Clay on the stage before the match can even get started.

I love the intensity that Damien Sandow has been showing lately, And I'm actually becoming a fan of his. This is just another case of WWE doing a great job creating new stars, which has needed to happen for some time.

Winner: No Contest.

Kelly Kelly vs Eve

I guess going 3 hours means that even the Diva's are getting more time. Getting three minutes is almost like an Iron-Diva match when compared to what they're used to.

Finish: Hurricanrana by Kelly Kelly into the roll-up for the win.

Winner: Kelly Kelly

Shawn Michaels chimes in on Lesnar/Triple H

Another missed opportunity to build heat by having Lesnar take out Michaels, and I was pissed when Hunter came down to protect him. I do like that Shawn will be in Hunter's corner at Summerslam though, so that's something. But mark my words, Lesnar will get his hands on HBK before the Pay Per View.

Dolph Ziggler vs Alex Riley

Jericho joins us for commentary which was great. I cannot wait for his match with Ziggler at Summerslam, they will steal the show for sure in two weeks.

Finish: Jericho stands on the Commentary table to record a Tout of Ziggler standing in the ring badmouthing Y2J. While distracted Riley rolls up Dolph and gets a big upset on Raw, and I think his first victory on the brand in over a year.

Winner: Alex Reily

Non-Title: Kane vs The Miz

Why was it necessary to have the Intercontinental Champion job to Kane? They've been pushing The Miz since his return too which makes this more puzzling for me. Couldn't they find anyone else to get beaten by Kane?  WWE Y U BOOK SO FUNNY?!!

Finish: Chokeslam by Kane finishes off The Miz

Winner: Kane

Sheamus returns with Del Rio's  car in shambles

This was corny as my shit after a Southern BBQ. I tuned out all of the Tout's from Sheamus throughout the night, because I have no fucks to give. I'm sure they will have a pretty good match at Summerslam, but this is not the kind of thing that gets me into a wrestling feud.

John Cena vs Daniel Bryan

Flashback Match: John Cena vs Daniel Bryan from 2003

This was far from being like the match they had on Velocity in 2003. Both men have grown into themselves as performers. While obviously Bryan is by far the better wrestler of the two, they showed great chemistry in this match. I wouldn't mind seeing a program between these guys. I'm sure that D-Bry could pull some awesome matches out of Cena, much like Punk did last year at Money in the Bank.

Finish: Cena breaks out of The No Lock, then muscles Bryan off of the mat and onto his shoulders to deliver the Attitude Adjustment for the win.

Winner: John Cena

Post Match: As Cena celebrates out comes CM Punk. They stare each other down, then Big Show waddles down to the ring. Cena shoves Punk to the canvas and starts throwing punches at Show, before setting up for the AA. Punk then nails both men to put them down.

Punk leaves the ring and grabs a headset from the announce booth. He says that maybe it's his fault that it is a triple threat at Summerslam. Maybe he has let people disrespect him. He kissed babies, shook hands and kissed ass, but look now, he does what he does best. Raw ends with CM Punk, standing tall with the WWE Champion. Because he is the best in the world, and if anyone stands in his way, he will leave them laying on the mat like Cena and Show.

He gets back in the ring and goes to kick The Big Show, but it gets blocked and Punk gets knocked out by a WMD. Show then gives Cena a little of the same, before standing tall in the ring with the WWE Title on his shoulder to end the night.

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