Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Heel So Hard: Chris Jericho Is Cray

Don't you look at me like that, you SOB
If you're reading this post chances are you watched Monday Night Raw last night and are in one of two camps, one that thinks Chris Jericho's appearance was ignorantly executed, boneheaded move that had no pay off to the videos that we have seen for two months. From the time Jericho ran backstage with a telling smirk on his face to the end of Raw I was in that camp, until I realized that Jericho did something that hasn't happened in a long time. He made me angry about something a wrestler did. I didn't just respond with "Great heel move" or "Interesting.", I was legitimately pissed.

He came out in a coat that would make Joseph,with his amazing technicolor dreamcoat jealous, runs around, does his old school "Lionheart" pose with fans, grabs a mic, doesn't say a word, makes each side of the house scream to his whim. soaks it all in, drops the mic. does some cheering, gets out of the ring, grabs a camera for Jericam, goes to the ramp, sucks up to each side of the house, smiles real big, and goes backstage. That was it. He didn't explain the videos, didn't call anyone out, didn't explain who "she" was, nothing.

I processed all that and then I went to the other camp. The camp of Chris Jericho just went from welcomed hero to reviled in 12 minutes, and did it in a such a way that very few performers today could have pulled off that you have to consider it genius. He didn't blow all the interest of his arrival by standing in the ring and saying, "Hey, I'm mad that all these kids have been copying everything I have done in my career(which they have, but that is another post altogether).So I'm going after CM Punk and anyone else who I think has stolen what was mine.". No that is what we, the instant gratification generation, wanted. He played us like a fiddle. Whether you still hate this segment or you love it one thing is sure, you WANT to know what, who, and why and you will be tuning in to find out. That is why Chris Jericho did everything perfectly. I just wasn't ready to care again.


  1. Is 'cray' a typo or some new lingo I'm not hip enough to understand?

  2. new lingo..kanye west...I AM HIP HOP

  3. I wouldn't be surprised if dropping the mic was like his own pipe bomb. Yes that might be reading way to much into it. But Jericho has mentioned before how guys were stealing his thunder, so it would make sense. I definitely see the idea of having a promo without saying anything. I had heard it reminding someone of when Triple H and Undertaker came out and just pointed to the Wrestlemania sign. I think as weeks go on, we'll hear from Jericho and I bet he makes something happen in the Royal Rumble WWE title match between Ziggler and Punk.

  4. It served to make him a heel. if he came back and immediately gave people what they wanted a Jericho/Punk feud would have the crowd choosing who to root for instead of paying attention to what is going on in the story. we have the clear cut goody and a clear cut baddy.