Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cocaine? Drugs? Guns? Booze? Women? Suicide Attempt? No, Its Two Old Guys Fighting Like Scorned Facebook Friends!

What started as a simple question answered by the Ultimate Warrior on Twitter has turned into feud between Warrior and Kevin Nash. Warrior, when asked why he doesn't dye his hair and make a comeback like Kevin Nash, said because he doesn't wan't to be a limelight stealing dickhead. Fair enough, Mr. Warrior. However, as expected, Kevin Nash took offense of such language being used in reference to himself and responded mildly, suggesting that he wasn't aware of a problem between Warrior an himself.

Then, probably due to someone telling Nash he responded like a yella belly coward(Nobody calls Nash a yella belly coward..NOBODY!", Nash turned up the heat a little bit, offering $200k MMA challenge. Still not happy, Nash then lashed out with saltier language, Warrior ignored Nash's challenge until he made this video.

Nash, not the least bit impressed, responded by telling Warrior that he is willing to fight for free, when, and where ever Warrior felt the most comfy. Though Warrior has yet to respond, when he does, PTC will be there to cover the clash of Twitter titans!

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