Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Raw Recaps

I don't have the patience to do a Raw recap of my own, and even if I did I find the market to be kinda saturated with them anyhow. So, what I am gonna do is link you to my favorite recaps(Yes, I read recaps even though I have already seen the show. I'm crazy like that.)and some recaps I have never read, just so we can get different perspectives on what we thought was cool or asinine. The first two are the two I read every week. After that are links I found from Google.

TST's Raw Recap-The Victory Formation(make this guy a star so all he has to do is write about wrestling. Genius)

Brand Stroud's Best and Worst of Raw-With Leather(Loves references to Japanese wrestling but knows his stuff)

Monday Night Raw Recap-LA Times(hope these kids make a name for themselves)

Men In Tights w/ Joe Roder-InsideSTL.com

Raw Recap- Voiceof Valeri.com

The Diary of A Pro Wrestling Fan-@xVincewhcx

And Happy Birthday to the voice of Raw, Jim Ross. Sauce it.

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