Sunday, January 29, 2012

Marking Out From My Couch: Royal Rumble Predictions

With the Royal Rumble being tomorrow and me being the blogger I am, decided to take a break from the massive hangover I have and will throw out my predictions for tomorrows event. With only four matches tomorrow it will be interesting to see the length of matches tomorrow and the whole concept of "every" wrestler being eligible adds a bit of intrigue to the match. Alright, enough of the lame intro BS, onto the article!

Kane v. John Cena

Cena is a clear favorite here, Kane has tortured Cena and talked him into "embracing hate." Kane on the other hand, finally has the monster comeback he has needed for a very long time. This match should tell a story about Cena battling his inner conflict as opposed to anything else.

Official prediction: Kane wins over Cena when he goes crazy and gets disqualified. Sorry, just not much to say about this match.

World Heavyweight Championship: Daniel Bryan v. Big Show v. Mark Henry

The biggest question here is, will Mark Henry be in the match? Rumors circulating that he injured his knee/thigh at the Smackdown tapings on Tuesday. Will he be in the match and if so what kind of capacity will he have. Bryan has done an awesome job of turning into a good the cowardly heel, purposeful DQ's, sacrificing his girlfriend to Big Show, and just being an all around dick. A Big Show victory is doubtful since they apparently have him penciled in for a match against Shaq at Wrestlemania (you can't make this stuff up) and if Henry is injured there is a clear winner here.

Official prediction: Bryan wins by some dastardly tactic.

WWE Championship: CM Punk v. Dolph Ziggler

Big Johnny is obviously the wild card here, I like the added point in the story of him possibly losing his job if he doesn't change his attitude and the way he's working. Punk and Ziggler don't need anything extra added to their story though, I feel like Ziggler is being put on the back burner to the Punk v. authority storyline which is sad. Ziggler is on the verge of being huge and this is the storyline to push him into a permanent main event spot. I do not think that Ziggler needs to win this match though. He deserves to be the main focus in a storyline not an after thought.

Official prediction: Punk wins when Big Johnny calls it fairly to try and save face with the fans.

Royal Rumble

I know I already gave my opinion on this in my last post, but now I have four clear options of who I think the four most realistic winners could be.

Chris Jericho - The obvious and easy "favorite" to win, since coming back people have been associating Jericho with winning the event, he is also one of the last big names who has never won the match. Jericho winning also gives him more mic work to talk about how awesome he is. I wouldn't complain about this one cause as I previously stated, if he wins we get Punk and Jericho promos.

Wade Barrett - This is what Barrett needs to be a serious, credible threat to the world title. The downside about this option is there is no one for Barrett to face. With Punk and Jericho already scheduled and Smackdown having a heel champion Barrett has no one to face. This is a long shot, but I think Barrett is still a viable option.

Randy Orton - The returning viper is another name that has been thrown around online for a few months as a probable winner of the Rumble. I think WWE wants a big name in the WHC title match at 'Mania and Orton is the name that would deliver that. Plus, this would be more credible than his last Rumble victory.

CM Punk - Yup, with the inclusion of "every WWE Superstar" being advertised and with Punk being in the promo I would he is a dark horse winner here. Will I mark out if his music hits and he comes down to the ring for the Royal Rumble match after defending the WWE title? Yes. Will I be surprised if it doesn't happen? No.

My biggest hope for tomorrow night is to have the lights go out and when everyone expects Jericho, have the gong hit for the Undertaker return. The crowd would eat it up and I... well, I would mark out from my couch. Enjoy the show tomorrow night guys. I may write up a review tomorrow if I can manage to get off work Monday.

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