Thursday, March 1, 2012

PTC Wrestling Road Diaries Giveaway

Here we go folks, it is the first DVD give away of the site. The only things you have to do is answer some questions in the comment section and I will email you telling you that you won and that I need you address to send you the DVD. Why am I doing this? Because I watched this DVD and instantly realized that if you are even a casual wrestling fan this a DVD you must watch. If there are more than one person who gets the questions right the winner will be picked randomly and be notified this coming Monday if they won. Good luck. And now, the questions.
  • Who trained Colt Cabana?
  • When and what show was my first ever WWE show?(hint: it was in the early 2000's)
  • Who did Colt Cabana beat to become NWA World Heavyweight Champion
  • With Wrestling Road Diaries 2 just finishing filming, who will be part of it?
Also if you could follow us on Facebook, follow the Drunk Show on Facebook and listen to the podcast it would be appreciated. Also, watch Colt Cabana and Marty DeRosa' web series "Creative Has Nothing For You." and listen to his podcast "The Art Of Wrestling"

*If you are a contributor to this site you are ineligible to win..sorry guys.


  1. 1) Ace Steel
    2) No Mercy 2002
    3) Adam Pearce
    4) Cliff Compton and Luke Gallows.