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TNA Victory Road 2012 Review

TNA Victory Road 2012
Impact Zone Orlando, FL
Sunday March 18th 2012

1. We start with Bully Ray taking the Impact Zone hostage. He demands that his match with James Storm becomes a #1 contenders match for the TNA World Title at Lockdown '12.

"Sorry about your damn luck!" Out comes The Cowboy James Storm. He agrees to put his title shot on the line...right now!!

2. #1 Contenders match: James Storm vs Bully Ray

They brawl for a minute, then Bully Ray walks right into a Super kick. This one is already over.

Winner by pinfall and still #1 Contender for the TNA World Title: James Storm

What was the point? I was looking forward to this match, and this is all I get? Good thing I didn't pay money to see this..

3. Backstage Jeremy Borash tries to interview Austin Aries. Before he gets a chance, in walks Eric Bischoff. The Bisch kicks Borash off the set and conducts the interview himself.

So was the Twitter tirade on Borash by Bischoff just a work, or is TNA needlessly 'Shooting' again?

Bischoff then talks up A Double, which Is fine by me. Aries answers a Twitter question asking why Sting hasn't made him a main event guy in TNA. He responds by saying that no matter what place on the card he is, it becomes the main event by default. Indeed.

4. X Division Title: Austin Aries© vs Zema "The Crippler" Ion

Lots of fast paced show boating to start this match. Aries fakes out Ion on a float over just to stop and pose on the ropes with Zema's hairspray. Ion rushes in and is dumped hard on the outside. Aries then hits a suicide dive to the outside. While he has his opponent down, Aries sits on the ring apron and tweets this:

It's a #GREAT day to be #GREAT...and a #GREAT day to #LiveTweet! #TGMTEL > @ZemaTNA #VictoryRoad


Back in the ring, Aries continues the assault. A Lionsault followed by a drop kick from the middle rope to the back of Zema Ion's neck.

Ion makes a comeback and gets a couple near falls. He stays in control for several minutes, until Aries hits a reverse atomic drop. With the referee's back turned, Ion stuffs the can of hairspray down the front of his pants. Really could've lived without seeing Zema's hand fiddling around down there. It was a tad awkward..

After taking more punishment, Ion grabs the X Division Title belt to cause a distraction. The Ref takes the title away and hands it back to the time keeper. Zema waits and sprays Aries in the face with the hairspray. Ion rolls him up, but only gets a two count.

Zema goes for a superplex, but its countered by Aries into a sunset flip powerbomb.

Brainbuster into the Last Chancery. Zema Ion has no choice but to tap out.

Winner and Still X Division Champion: Austin Aries

5. Video package hyping the return of the MotorCity Machine Guns. It feels like forever since they last competed in TNA. Looking forward to seeing them back in action.

6. TNA Tag Team Titles: Samoa Joe & Magnus© vs Matt Morgan & Crimson

I really like Joe and Magnus as a Tag Team. They have a great aura about them. Just two guys who are focused on succeding. As for Morgan and Crimson, I just hope this is the night they finally break these guys up. Crimson could be a great heel if given a chance. Not that you can tell the faces from the heels in Impact Wrestling/TNA.

Crimson spends most of this match hot dogging and refusing to tag in Matt Morgan, While Joe and Magnus work in tandem.

After standing by and watching Crimson take a well deserved pounding, Morgan tags himself into the match. He momentarilly cleans house on the champs, until Crimson tags himself back in! Matt Morgan is pissed, and he tags himself back in as he argues with Crimson.

Morgan gets hit from behind by Magnus as him and Joe double team 'The Blueprint'. Crimson walks away from the ring and watches his partner take the beating from ringside. He then begins to mock Morgan, which get him a double bird salute followed by a very audible "Fuck you, I dont need your ass!!" from Matt Morgan.

Joe and Magnus go back to work. Morgan is able to make a comeback, but Crimson runs into the ring and spears his partner. Snapmare/elbow drop combo ends this match.

Winners and Still Tag Team Champions: Samoa Joe & Magnus

7. Backstage Borash is interviews Bobby Roode, which is interupted by James Storm.

Storm says he's not here to talk about their match next month at Lockdown, He's here for a fight RIGHT NOW! Roode responds by walking away from his former partner.

8. Robbie E's open challenge for his TV Title.

The champ comes to the ring with Rob Terry, and tries to back out on his title defense. But after a bit of coaxing from Rob Terry, he decides to give the title shot to a fan in the Impact Zone. But after looking over the crowd and finding no worthy challengers, he again decides to cancel the match and instead stands in the ring posing with Rob Terry.

While he is busy with all that foolishnesss, Devon makes his way through the crowd to the ring. And we get a TV Title Match afterall!

9. Television Title: Robbie E© vs Devon

Devon takes it to the Champ and tosses him to ringside. After a distraction from Terry, Robbie E takes over and grabs a chair. Before he can use it though, Brooke Hogan of all people tries to take it away. Really? REALLY?! Must we have Brooke involved in matches? Whats next, X Division champion Nick Hogan? *Shudder*

Devon takes back over and nails 'E' with a spinebuster to win his first ever singles title!!

Winner and NEW Television Champion: Devon

10. Backstage Dixie Carter says that for TNA's 10 year anniversary in June, they will be taking Slammiversary 2012 to Dallas, TX. How about a West Coast PPV? Still, this is another step in the right direction for Impact Wrestling.

11. Knockouts Title: Gail Kim© vs Madison Rayne

These two show everyone what is lacking in the WWE's Diva division. Really good wrestling from both ladies.

Off topic, I hate the TNA referee uniforms. They make these guys look like billboards with the Impact Wrestling logo on their backs. It really bothers me to see Earl Hebner used as ad space.

Back to the match, Rayne is taking it to the Knockouts champ. Out of nowhere Kim hits 'Eat the Feet' on Rayne and this one is done.

Winner and Still Knockouts Champion: Gail Kim

12. AJ Styles & Mr. Anderson vs Christopher Daniels & Kazarian

This is the one I've been waiting for. Not sure how I feel about Anderson being added to this feud. I get that it gives the guy something to do, but I liked it better when it was between the three X Division pioneers. Too bad Chris Sabin is still injured, he would've fit in nicely as AJ's partner in that regard.  How about James Storm? He too is one of the TNA Originals, and its not like his match tonight with Bully Ray meant anything with the way it was booked. I would just like to see the guys who have been in the company since the beginning, given spots at the top of the card over WWE castoffs. But I think I am in the majority on that way of thinking.

We start off with lots of tight ring work as one would expect. Beside Samoa Joe, Nobody matches up better with AJ Styles than Christopher Daniels. I will never get tired of seeing these guys in the ring together.

Lots of high risk, high impact action in this one. In the end, Kazarian goes for the Fade to Black, but its countered into the Styles Clash. Quick cover and its over.

Winners by pinfall: AJ Styles & Mr. Anderson

13. Jeff Hardy vs Kurt Angle

Evenly matched these guys are not. And I find myself struggling to care about this bout at all. That being said, I do like both these guys. I just dont think that they mesh well. And like I mentioned during the last match, Im a little over watching WWE guys pushed ahead of younger homegrown talent.

Towards the end, Hardy goes for the Swanton and catches knees. Angle then hits the Angle Slam and only gets 2. Angle then gets desperate and chokes Hardy with his own arm wraps.

Hardy mounts a comeback and nails the Swanton. He goes for the win, but Angle rolls him over and uses the ropes to get the win.

Winner by pinfall: Kurt Angle

14. No Holds Barred: Sting vs Bobby Roode

I love how far Bobby Roode has come in TNA. From being the enforcer for Team Canada to becoming the man to beat. For the most part I have disagreed with TNA's creative direction since Hogan and Bischoff came on board, but elevating Roode might be the best thing they have done.

On the flip side is the veteran, Sting. What can be said that hasn't already been stated about the Icon? He was 'The Franchise' of WCW, and when it closed everyone thought he was done. What did he have left to prove? But instead of staying on the side lines, he joined TNA. Has he been pushed ahead of younger, more deserving stars? Yes. Should he be the 'Main Guy' at his age? Hell No!! But he has also been known to use his star power to make guys into bigger stars. Lets see how this one pans out..

They brawl to start this match, before settling down into a more mat based routine. The match slows way down at this point, and with Sting being 50 something, its understandable.

The match starts to pick back up and a chair is brought into play. Sting goes for the Scorpian Death Drop and his head connects hard with the chair that had been set up in the center of the ring. Sting is out!! 1-2-3 and its over.

Winner by pinfall: TNA World Champion Bobby Roode

After the match Roode goes over to Dixie Carter who is sitting at ringside. He grabs another chair and tosses it into the ring. He then turns around and throws her in as well. He taunts and stalks her in the ring.

Sting is able to get up and protect Dixie for a moment. This gives Roode time to nail Sting with a chair, knocking him out again. Roode uses duct tape to tie Sting up in the corner. Dixie tries to free Sting, but Roode grabs her by her hair and pulls her away. He then goes to finish the Stinger, but Carter comes over and shields him with her body. She begs him to stop as we go off the air.

I thought that the end really helped build Roode as a ruthless heel. I watched, thinking that Dixie was going to turn on Sting and join up with Roode. I know that swerves happen way too often in TNA, but it would be cool to have Roode in that position of power. Plus it would be a way to take away Sting's authority, which I dont like him having.

Overall this was a decent show. Thoughts?

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