Monday, March 5, 2012

RIP Bryan Johnsen

I met Bryan Johnsen only once and for a few hours, but knowing he was one of my brother's best friends from his days in the Marine Corps tipped me off that he was the type of guy you'd want to party with and go to war with. When I met him and my brother John told Bryan that I was his little brother I could totally sense a "Well if this is Evans' little brother then he is my little brother too." attitude from Bryan, like if I told him there was someone messing with me he would totally lead the charge to let it be known that it wouldn't be tolerated, just because I was my brother's brother. I love those type of people. The "Oh, *insert name* loves ya? Well, then you're family." types who totally mean it. That is what I felt from Bryan.

Undeniably Chicago. When I think Bryan Johnsen I think undeniably Chicago. You remember the Superfan sketch from Saturday Night Live where all the guys talk with the hilarious accents and say sausages like "sassages"? That was Johnsen, but it wasn't like he knew of the stereotypical Chicagoan character and decided to play a long like some people from Chicago do(I have personally seen these posers. guh) . He was 100% that way and proud of it. I got the sense that this was a guy who LOOOOOOVED where he was from. He was a Cubs,Bulls,Bears,Blackhawks, and Notre Dame fan..he was basically Rudy Ruettiger if Rudy had the balls to join the Marines and funny as hell.

Yesterday, my brother came home for the first time in months, and when he came in he had bloodshot eyes as if he had been crying so, of course, I asked him what was wrong and when he said "Johnsen died." I was shocked..I could only ask who? and you're shitting me right?..I could only imagine how my brother felt. For those of you non military your brothers you make in the military are guys you would drop what you were doing and go to them if they call you and say you need them and vice versa. I have a few of those guys. They know who they are. This was one of those guys for my brother. And if Bryan was one of those guys for my brother I know the world is now a lesser place without him.

RIP Bryan
Go Cubs
Go Bears
Go Bulls
Irish still suck though.

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