Thursday, March 1, 2012

Why Hulk Hogan Should Go Away

I have never been a Hulkamaniac. When he and Macho Man had their rivalry I was more of a Savage fan. When it came down to him and Ultimate Warrior, I was rooting for Warrior to once and for all end Hulkamania as we know it. When the Undertaker seemingly took Hulk out I was happier that it finally happened(or so it seemed until Yokozuna did the deed). Hulk just never resonated with me for some reason. When he turned heel I was as shocked as anyone and intrigued, but I was more interested in the NWO as a whole than what was going with , by then, an old dinosaur who could barely move around the ring.

He was just a tiny bit more mobile than he is now. Which means not very. I felt his story was done. By the end of his run in WCW he had literally accomplished everything a person could hope to accomplish in wrestling. He had turned himself into a worldwide brand, recognized by the mainstream, and known to people who had never watched wrestling in their entire lives.

Following his run in WCW Hulk returned to the place where he was made into an icon, WWE, for a dream match between he and the Rock. This(until Rock and Cena began feuding) was THE BIGGEST match since Hogan faced Andre the Giant and was, literally, the last relevant match Hogan had, more thanks to the Rock than Hogan himself. Sure, he had the feud with Shawn Michaels but it wasn't near the feud that he had with the Rock.

Fast forward past his lame Mr. America gimmick and everything else. Now, Hogan is currently in TNA Impact  Wrestling using his stroke in the back to make decisions that directly effect the quality of product the company is trying to put out. For whatever reason Hogan thought that Robert Roode wasn't ready to hold the company's heavyweight title while Roode has been consistently been nearly(Bully Ray) the best part of every show since he has gained the title because of Hulk's outdated ideas on how the wrestling business is supposed to work. What Hulk refuses to realize is that this isn't the 80's or 90's anymore and that wrestling fans don't want to see huge guys who can barely move. Wrestling fans want guys, regardless of size, who can put on good matches and are decent on the mic. TNA has SEVERAL of those guys who are routinely pushed to the background so Hulk can try his latest idea that routinely fall flat on their face because the fans have seen it before and it is usually executed by either Hulk's washed up buddies or some guy who is jacked out his mind who little to know charisma or wrestling skill. What I am saying is, Hulk Hogan, it is time for you to go away, brother.

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