Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wrestlemania 28 Preview

Wrestlemania. The Showcase of the Immortals. The Granddaddy of Them All. The Biggest Show of the Year. Yes, it is that time where feuds are ended, and news ones begin. On April 1st we finally see the result of a match that has been built since the last Wrestlemania(or 5 years if you ask John Cena) in John Cena versus The Rock. We also get to see if the Undertaker's legendary streak can be ended by everyone's favorite son-in-law, Triple H in a Hell in a Cell match with Shawn Michaels as the guest referee. Those are the two BIG matches. However, there is a very stacked under-card that promises to steal the show in the CM Punk and Chris Jericho WWE championship match to determine who is, in fact(at least in their minds), the best wrestler in the world really is.

We also get to see Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship, a 12 man tag team between Team Johnny(John Laurintis' team) and Team Teddy(Teddy Long's team) to see who will be the lone GM of both Smackdown and Raw, Randy Orton vs. Kane, Cody Rhodes vs. The Big Show, and Maria Menounos and Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres. Below I will give you a rundown of each match and who I think will win.

Monday, March 26, 2012

WWE Monday Night Raw Liveblog/Chat Wrestlemania 28 WEEK!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Does Yokozuna deserve to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame?

This has been something I have been thinking about since I learned of his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame on Tuesday during the Smackdown taping and that would be. Is Yokozuna a Hall of Famer? My initial reaction was to say Yes he was but after doing some research on him he wasn’t really in the business that long at least in the national spotlight for 6 years, in that time he won the Royal Rumble had 2 world title reigns along with winning the Tag Team titles on two occasions with the late Owen Hart. At the end of his stint with the WWE he was unable to pass a physical required for professional wrestlers by the New York State Athletic Commission and was eventually released from the WWF in 1998, although rumors persisted that he would be brought back if he lost enough weight. Yokozuna could do some amazing things in the ring for that time but by no means was it “mind blowing” . Is that enough to put you in a Hall of Fame? Or is it that the WWE is paying their respect because he is part of the legendary Anoa’I family which includes The Rock?

Why Triple H/Undertaker means more than Rock/Cena

The WWE has done a great job of building the Triple H vs. Undertaker at Wrestlemania as the end of an era match, and they have managed to plant some doubt in the fans minds that maybe this is the year that the streak ends.

This feud has really played out better on television than the Rock and Cena feud because you can truly tell that HHH and Undertaker respect each other. Respect is something you must have to make a great feud. Hogan and Andre had it in the 80’s, Sting and Flair had it in the early 90’s. Rock and Cena have the ability to throw out funny insults that tend to trend on twitter but just doesn't give the “biggest match ever” feel that the WWE would like it to have.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Do you consider Sting an Icon since he has never wrestled in the WWE?

This is a topic that a close friend of mine Sean "The Shark" Williams started and was also discussed on Perfect Plex Radio between Williams and Mike Knoxxx, Steve Borden also known as Sting is currently signed to TNA though his career was made in the NWA and WCW. Sting has held 25 championships in his career while holding 15 World Championships. He is best known for his feud with Ric Flair and the Four Horsemen his talents was put on display during Clash of the Champions I against Ric Flair in a classic 60 minute time limit draw.

Sting was very loyal to the NWA/WCW after signing with them in 1987 he remained until WCW was sold to the WWE in 2001 in the final edition of Nitro he defeated his long time Nemesis Ric Flair after the sale Borden turned down a contract with the WWE, saying he "didn't trust how [Sting] was going to be used" by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon after seeing other former WCW employees having to "start from the bottom of the ladder again." Borden decided to let his contract with AOL/Time Warner expire, spending time with his family. Borden would sign with TNA in 2003 where he remains an active competitor even at the age of 53.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Why John Cena should win at Wrestlemania

We are less than two weeks away from Wrestlemania and the biggest match of all time at least according to the WWE in John Cena versus The Rock. This match was announced the night after Wrestlemania 27. John Cena while I’m not a particular fan of his as he appeals more to young kids, I respect him as we all should for what he does outside of the ring with his charity work add to that of being on the road 200 plus days a year performing night in and night out all wrestlers should be given much respect.

Cena deserves a clean pin over the Rock in the match. He is the company’s top draw currently with CM Punk and has been the top draw for several years. And unlike the Rock who will return to Hollywood Cena will be there feuding with guys like Kane and Alberto Del Rio. A week after Wrestlemania, a month later, and 6 months after Wrestlemania.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Raw Review 3/19/2012

1. CM Punk is out to confront Chris Jericho about the comments he made last week concerning his alcoholic father.

Punk starts off by telling everyone that Y2J is not at Raw tonight. He recalls Jericho's comments and says He's pissed off. He says the fact is, his Father beat his demons and He is proud of him.

Chris Jericho appears via the big screen. Y2J mocks being regretful of his comments, before showing his hand and laying into Punk about his sister. He says she has substance abuse problems and will do anything for a fix. Wow!!

Jericho finishes up and smirks at an incensed Punk, who responds with something I couldn't make out because the ENTIRE thing was bleeped!!

Punk then storms out of the ring.

Monday, March 19, 2012

WWE Monday Night Raw Liveblog/chat

TNA Victory Road 2012 Review

TNA Victory Road 2012
Impact Zone Orlando, FL
Sunday March 18th 2012

1. We start with Bully Ray taking the Impact Zone hostage. He demands that his match with James Storm becomes a #1 contenders match for the TNA World Title at Lockdown '12.

"Sorry about your damn luck!" Out comes The Cowboy James Storm. He agrees to put his title shot on the line...right now!!

2. #1 Contenders match: James Storm vs Bully Ray

They brawl for a minute, then Bully Ray walks right into a Super kick. This one is already over.

Winner by pinfall and still #1 Contender for the TNA World Title: James Storm

What was the point? I was looking forward to this match, and this is all I get? Good thing I didn't pay money to see this..

Sunday, March 18, 2012

TNA Impact Wrestling Victory Road Liveblog

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Summer of Punk and The American Dragon DVD Giveaway

Here is your chance to see the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan, and the WWE Heavyweight champion, CM Punk, unchained and at their rawest Ring Of Honor Wrestling. See the real Summer of Punk and reason why many think Daniel Bryan is the best pro wrestler in the world today. Every single one of these discs have some of the best matches you will ever lay your eyes on. All you have to do is answer the four questions after the jump and they are your's. Contest ends on the 24th of March. You will be contacted by the email you leave your comments with or on Twitter if you follow me there. ANSWER IN THE COMMENT SECTION!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Why The Rock vs. John Cena Has Sucked

Last year the WWE welcomed The Rock back with open arms and dollar signs in their eyes and quickly booked their attitudinal era star against the biggest, and most polarizing, superstar of this era, John Cena in a match at Wrestlemania 28. You read that correctly, there was a full year in between the announcement and the match. In today's wrestling world that is unheard of. The only difference between this feud and the old school feuds that would literally last for years is that while Rock and Cena would verbally disparage each other once every blue moon while the WWE served Cena a filler feud that really didn't have any consequences beyond the superstar feuding with Cena getting pushed back into secondary feuds and Cena moving on to his next pre-Wrestlemania snack and the Rock delivering mostly via satellite promos where his message and reason for wanting to do battle with Cena is because Cena has a vagina and is phony, private school rapper who mainly appeals to the kids that the WWE has decided to direct their programming to. That's it. Sure, there was a bland Survivor Series tag team match, but that was just to try add a layer of drama to this feud to get people to care. I'm going to show you why, no matter how hard the WWE tries, this just doesn't live up to the match that they are trying to remake in Hulk Hogan vs. The Rock that happened 10 years ago at Wrestlemania 18.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Today In Wrestling

WWE Hall of Famer Johnnie Mae Young is 89 today. She was born on March 12, 1923.

WWE Monday Night Raw Liveblog/chat

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Underrated: Ricky Morton

Most people know Ricky Morton as one-half of "The Rock 'N' Roll Express, one of the most popular tag-teams in the history of wrestling. The combination of Robert Gibson's power and Ricky Morton's athleticism was very entertaining. They had epic rivalries between "The Midnight Express", "The Legion Of Doom", and every other headline tag-team to go through NWA & early-WCW during the 80's. This "Underrated" column isn't about his tag-team career, but it is about his career as a singles wrestler.

During Morton's career, he won a total of 79 championships, 25 of them as a singles wrestler. He spent most of his early career as a singles wrestler and how he spent moments during his peak in the NWA & WCW. He was forced into many of those matches, due to Robert Gibson's injuries. One of the first matches that I can remember watching live on TV, was steel cage match during the 1986 "Great American Bash" between Ricky Morton & Ric Flair. The action was incredible and they worked the crowd throughout the match. I found the complete match on YouTube, which split the match into two parts.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Today In Wrestling

From friend of the site, Jose Roque AKA @Knwres:

Former WCW wrestler David Flair is 33 today. He was born on March 6, 1979.

Former WWE wrestler Killer Khan is 65 today. He was born on March 6, 1947. He owns a restaurant in Toyko, Japan.

The Raw Review 3/5/2012

1. We are Live and we start off with Mr. Wrestlemania!!! I will never get tired of seeing Shawn Michaels. I just cant.

HBK praises Hunter's choice to not only accept the match with Taker, but up the ante by making it a Hell in a Cell match. The Showstopper then calls out Triple H to tell him to his face how proud he is of him.

Monday, March 5, 2012

WWE Raw Unmoderated Liveblog!

RIP Bryan Johnsen

I met Bryan Johnsen only once and for a few hours, but knowing he was one of my brother's best friends from his days in the Marine Corps tipped me off that he was the type of guy you'd want to party with and go to war with. When I met him and my brother John told Bryan that I was his little brother I could totally sense a "Well if this is Evans' little brother then he is my little brother too." attitude from Bryan, like if I told him there was someone messing with me he would totally lead the charge to let it be known that it wouldn't be tolerated, just because I was my brother's brother. I love those type of people. The "Oh, *insert name* loves ya? Well, then you're family." types who totally mean it. That is what I felt from Bryan.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

PTC Wrestling Road Diaries Giveaway

Here we go folks, it is the first DVD give away of the site. The only things you have to do is answer some questions in the comment section and I will email you telling you that you won and that I need you address to send you the DVD. Why am I doing this? Because I watched this DVD and instantly realized that if you are even a casual wrestling fan this a DVD you must watch. If there are more than one person who gets the questions right the winner will be picked randomly and be notified this coming Monday if they won. Good luck. And now, the questions.
  • Who trained Colt Cabana?
  • When and what show was my first ever WWE show?(hint: it was in the early 2000's)
  • Who did Colt Cabana beat to become NWA World Heavyweight Champion
  • With Wrestling Road Diaries 2 just finishing filming, who will be part of it?

Just Watch: CM Punk Interview

Why Hulk Hogan Should Go Away

I have never been a Hulkamaniac. When he and Macho Man had their rivalry I was more of a Savage fan. When it came down to him and Ultimate Warrior, I was rooting for Warrior to once and for all end Hulkamania as we know it. When the Undertaker seemingly took Hulk out I was happier that it finally happened(or so it seemed until Yokozuna did the deed). Hulk just never resonated with me for some reason. When he turned heel I was as shocked as anyone and intrigued, but I was more interested in the NWO as a whole than what was going with , by then, an old dinosaur who could barely move around the ring.

He was just a tiny bit more mobile than he is now. Which means not very. I felt his story was done. By the end of his run in WCW he had literally accomplished everything a person could hope to accomplish in wrestling. He had turned himself into a worldwide brand, recognized by the mainstream, and known to people who had never watched wrestling in their entire lives.