Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Summer of Punk and The American Dragon DVD Giveaway

Here is your chance to see the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan, and the WWE Heavyweight champion, CM Punk, unchained and at their rawest Ring Of Honor Wrestling. See the real Summer of Punk and reason why many think Daniel Bryan is the best pro wrestler in the world today. Every single one of these discs have some of the best matches you will ever lay your eyes on. All you have to do is answer the four questions after the jump and they are your's. Contest ends on the 24th of March. You will be contacted by the email you leave your comments with or on Twitter if you follow me there. ANSWER IN THE COMMENT SECTION!

1: Who did CM Punk beat to win the ROH Title to begin the Summer Of Punk?

 2: Who beat Punk to end the Summer of Punk?

 3: What would Bryan Danielson say to the ref during a 5 count to break a hold?

 4: Who did Bryan Danielson beat in his last match in ROH?


  1. 1) Austin Aries
    3) "I have til five referee."

  2. 2) James Gibson...or was it Colt Cabana?
    4) Nigel McGuinness?

  3. 1. Austin Aries, 2. Colt Cabana, 3. I have till five, 4.Nigel McGuinness.

  4. Gibson and Cabana are both disputable answers. Gibson took the ROH title, but his last match was with Cabana.

  5. 1: Austin Aries
    2: James Gibson (at Redemption)or Colt Cabana (at Punk: The Final Chapter)
    3: "I have til 5"
    4: Nigel McGuinness.

  6. 1) Austin Aries

    2) Jamie Gibson took the title, Cabana beat him in his final match

    3) "I have til 5!"

    4) Nigel McGuinness