Thursday, March 8, 2012

Underrated: Ricky Morton

Most people know Ricky Morton as one-half of "The Rock 'N' Roll Express, one of the most popular tag-teams in the history of wrestling. The combination of Robert Gibson's power and Ricky Morton's athleticism was very entertaining. They had epic rivalries between "The Midnight Express", "The Legion Of Doom", and every other headline tag-team to go through NWA & early-WCW during the 80's. This "Underrated" column isn't about his tag-team career, but it is about his career as a singles wrestler.

During Morton's career, he won a total of 79 championships, 25 of them as a singles wrestler. He spent most of his early career as a singles wrestler and how he spent moments during his peak in the NWA & WCW. He was forced into many of those matches, due to Robert Gibson's injuries. One of the first matches that I can remember watching live on TV, was steel cage match during the 1986 "Great American Bash" between Ricky Morton & Ric Flair. The action was incredible and they worked the crowd throughout the match. I found the complete match on YouTube, which split the match into two parts.

Ricky Morton mic skills weren't the best, but as a member of the "Rock 'N' Roll Express", he was the voice. He got better as his career progressed, which lead to many matches with Ric Flair. When you feud Flair, he's does most of the talking, so you can hide inadequate mic skills.

He is still working the indie circuit and is credited to have trained Kid Kash. His contribution to the wrestling industry has been immeasurable. I expect "The Rock 'N' Roll Express" to be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame someday, but I want the public to remember his terrific career as a singles performer.

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  1. Man Flair looked great back then, and what an entrance!
    I too have my first TV wrestling memories from back in 1985 0r '86. It started with NWA and i believe the first match i ever watched was the Rock n Roll Express vs the 4 Horsemen.
    Remember the Mulkey Brothers?