Friday, January 20, 2012

Marking Out From My Couch: My Q & A session..... with me!

Sorry, the absence I took was longer than I anticipated (again), however I'm back and I have questions to answer... my own questions mind you, but questions none-the-less.

Q: What has Chris Jericho accomplished since his return?

A: Hard to say, his initial return just had me thinking he was tanked when he came out, the weeks that followed showed that Jericho has a plan. I hate the no talking, no wrestling, get them fired up and leave approach but I'm supposed to, so I can't be that angry. Crowds are still eating it up every time he comes out, hell so would I, the man has charisma and can ignite a crowd like few can at this juncture in pro-wrestling. I for one am greatly looking forward to that night when Jericho comes out, rips the crowd and CM Punk then we get two golden months of Punk v. Jericho promos.

Q: Where does Evan Bourne go from here?

A: The unemployment line. Whether or not I agree with WWE for suspending a guy who is using a LEGAL substance isn't the issue here since he knew what he was signing up for. The issue here is that he has let a lot of people down, he was back for maybe 3 weeks at the most before he failed another drug test and is getting suspended again. Kofi Kingston is the one I feel sorry for here, he has been buried because of Bourne's issues and that is unfair because Kofi is extremely talented shouldn't be paying for someone else's mistakes. I need to clarify something here, I like Evan Bourne and was thrilled when AirBoom was formed. It just pains me now that two careers and an entire division that was just being rebuilt has been setback because of one persons issues.

Q: Who will win the 2012 Royal Rumble/who do I want to win the Rumble?

A: Who will win? Chris Jericho, a friend mentioned that Jericho is the last big name that hasn't won the Rumble and it is the catalyst for launching Punk/Jericho into one of the main event matches for Wrestlemania this year. 

A: Who do I want to win? Wade Barrett, the single most underused talent in WWE and my number one pick for a new world champion in 2012. Sadly an injury to Orton cut their feud short but it was helping Barrett shine. The Nexus story did nothing to put over anyone in the group, just helped push Cena higher and higher when it wasn't needed. Sadly, I doubt this will happen since they're turning Daniel Bryan heel and leading towards an apparent match with Orton at Wrestlemania.

Q: Who should Undertaker face this year at Wrestlemania?

A: A very tough decision on WWE's part this year as this is most likely the last ride for Undertaker. If he hadn't been forced into retirement this would be a simple answer for me: Edge. Edge was big enough to lift Taker and move around, but still light enough to get tossed around like a ragdoll and make the 45 year old look like a monster. Edge also has the character and personality needed to make that Taker match matter and seem huge. However, I can't live in that fantasy world so we need a more realistic choice. That one for me wasn't made clear until a few weeks ago when he came back: Kane. Not bald headed, midcarder, helping to elevate  talent to the main event... fuck that guy. Monster, choking out Cena, pulling Zack Ryder to hell, and making women cry Kane. Have him destroy Cena and run the rumble match, have Taker come back to stop his brother, I know it has been done before, but if you can think of a better story and more iconic story line with Taker I'm all ears. I will go on record saying this isn't happening, we will get Taker v. Trips 2 this year, it'll be ok but not on par with HBK v. Taker because Triple H isn't as talented as Shawn and that's fact. (Oh, am I ever gonna catch hell for that last statement)

Q: Anymore thoughts of what to expect in 2012?

A: Zack Ryder is being blamed for the bad RAW ratings which explains his awkward storyline use and burial of his title loss, but to his credit he keeps in stride, playing up the story on twitter and being happy to still be on TV. I hope he bounces back and that we see a Ryder v. Swagger feud. Triple H will come back and have some sort of match at Wrestlemania, most likely against The Undertaker. The tag team division will be ressurected and the titles will be defended at Wrestlemania this year and NOT on the pre-show. King of the Ring will make its return to WWE TV. Finally, Wade Barrett and Dolph Ziggler will be world champions by the end of 2012.

For Popping the Crowd (and Marking Out From My Couch) I'm samx1605 and I will see you all again soon.

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