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Q&A With Indy Tag Team The T.E.C.H Squad(Updated pictures and video)

Big moment for the site as we have scored or first interview with actual wrestlers. The T.E.C.H(Two Equally Charming Heterosexuals) Squad are a pair of independent wrestlers from Florida who I happen to follow on Twitter so I decided to interview them and they agreed. I hope you enjoy.

Trevor "TC" Read
Mike Monroe

Hailing from
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Height and Weight
TC - 6"2 190lbs
Mike - 6"1 220lbs

Promotions Affiliated With

Give us a little back story on who you are, where, you have been, who trained you, and how long you have been doing this.
TC- I'm Trevor "TC" Read and one half of the T.E.C.H. (Two Equally Charming Heterosexuals)Squad. I was born and raised here in South Florida. Began and still continue to train in Hollywood, FL, with former-WWF superstar, Rusty Brooks. I'm closing in on my 3 year mark in the business.

Mike - I'm Mike Monroe. Simply put, a man who loves this sport. Also born and raised in South Florida, I've been training on and off since 2008. I started training at a local school before making my way to Rusty Brooks' school. I'll be hitting the 2 year mark this summer.

At what age did you decide you wanted to be a professional wrestler?
TC- When I turned 21, I recently took a break from the Martial Arts. I was feeling burnt out and was looking for a new challenge. Over the summer, after a local indy show, Mike, myself and a few other of our buddies were invited to Rusty Brooks School of Hard Knocks, a local pro wrestling school. And after the first training session, I knew that this was something I wanted to do.

Mike - I remember being at home watching Wrestlemania 12 with my dad. At 5 years old I looked over and told him, "Dad, I'm going to do this one day." He thought I was kidding.

What wrestler made you want to be a professional wrestler?
TC- The man that made me a fan of wrestling and inspired me.. Booker T. Can YOU DIG IT?!!

Mike - Hands down, Shawn Michaels.

What is the toughest part of being a professional wrestler?
The toughest thing is dealing with a lot of the politics and drama that come with professional wrestling. It's a lot like high school. You have these groups that gossip, talk, and do whatever they can to get themselves over while pushing anyone else under them to get there. We do our best to stay out of those things.

What is the easiest part about being a professional wrestler?
The easiest part is wrestling. It's what we live for, and it's what we enjoy doing. It's our passion.

What did your parents/family say when you told them you were going to be a professional wrestler? Are they supportive now?
TC- I know my parents were a little surprised at the thought of me being a pro wrestler at first. After doing this for almost 3 years, my parents and my local relatives come check out shows when they can. They really get into the shows and of course, they are my cheering section when I step in the ring. They really motivate me even more when they're there.

Mike - From age 5 - 16 my parents thought I was kidding. My mother called it a phase. At 16 I signed up for my first wrestling school using most of the money I saved up for a car. I think that's when they realized I wasn't going to be a doctor or a lawyer. Nowadays my Dad is probably my biggest supporter. He's front row at most of my matches.
My mother on the other hand. She supports it, but gets terrified when I'm put in particularly dangerous positions. It's funny.

What is the weirdest thing you have dealt with, in and out of the ring, and how did you deal with it?
Almost a year ago, we wrestled over on the SW part of Florida, at the Immokalee County Fair. All weekend hundreds of people came to check out the show each night. For some reason, we weren't well liked by anyone, no matter how hard we tried to get them to like us. One of the nights, both of us were in a battle royal together, and we were working pretty smart together eliminating people from the ring. Well, we slipped and both of us got tossed out of the ring. And then out of nowhere, like a dozen children bum rushed us as we were still on the floor trying to process what just happened. These kids were relentless! Kicking, hitting, stomping us.. like no lie, with no mercy. They hated us. We had to literally sprint from the ring to the back before any of them decided to call their friends... definitely an interesting weekend for the T.E.C.H. Squad

Who is the nicest veteran you have ever met?
Rusty Brooks. Former WWF superstar, Rusty has been all over the world wrestling for 25+ years. And with all he's accomplished, he is one of the most humble guys you will ever meet. We were fortunate enough to start our training and continue to train under Rusty Brooks. All of our success would not have been reached without his teachings.

Who was the biggest asshole veteran or not you have dealt with?
Mike - Too many to name.

Who is your dream match, as a singles and tag competitor?
As far as tag team dream matches, it would be amazing to work the Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli )
TC- Mike Quackenbush

Mike - I'd kill to wrestle Mitsuharu Misawa. Come to think of it, I actually have way too many dream matches.

How would you describe your style? A healthy mix of all styles or one style dominant?
TC is very quick and uses a lot of Lucha-like moves, as well as, British style "catch can" wrestling. And with a martial arts background, Read is not one to hesitate to throw any kicks. Mike's strikes are some of those most brutal things to be seen in a South Florida wrestling ring, and when that doesn't do the trick, Monroe has plenty of suplexes in his arsenal to deliver to opponents of all sizes.

As a tag team, we definitely work well. We compliment each other. We both excel in different aspects in wrestling.

The indie scene is getting bigger and bigger, where do you see it 3 years from now?
It's tough creating a following, especially in these times. Right now, the business needs guys [and girls] that are willing to step it up, put on a show, create a well-liked gimmick, and be able to push the envelope at any time. Once the workers get dedicated, we'll get the dedicated fans

Business is down, certain fans think wrestling isn't what it used to be, do you think it needs fixing, and how would you fix it?
Wrestling has its cycles. There will be people who lose interest in wrestling. Our job is to not only put on show for just that night, but to be able to leave a lasting impression on the fans that will make them want to come back, and bring their friends/ family to the show.

Where do you see yourselves 3 years from now?
Our goal is to break out of our shells and expand our careers outside of South Florida. Hopefully testing our skills with teams in central and north Florida. We recently wrestled in North Carolina, so we're determined to wrestle outside the state of Florida too.

Who is your favorite opponent so far?
As far as tag teams we faced, it would have to be the team of Adrian Marx and Jason Trade. Another local tag team down here, colelctively known as the TradeMarx. We were in the ring with them a good number of times in 2011, all over South Florida, and each time we went at it, it was definitely something specatulcar

Plugs, appearances, bookings?
Twitters ==> GoldenBoyTECH & BigMikeTECH
ProjectWrestle.com The official website for LIVE pro wrestling, our home promotion over here in Fort Lauderdale

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