Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Just Watch: WWE's New Youtube Shows

WWE, taking a cue from Zack Ryder, has partnered with Youtube and decided to make webshows involving various superstars. The first video is a Tosh.0 type of show by the name of WWE Download with Dolph Ziggler dissecting various Youtube videos and shows more of Dolph's personality than a short promo on Raw. More Dolph is good

The second video takes a look at how WWE superstars are outside the ring. The first installment features the Usos cooking a special Samoan dish. This is nice and easy way to introduce new and upcoming talent to fans.

The third video is Santino's Foreign Exchange and features Santino Marella interviewing WWE superstars and fans. This installment features Ted DiBiase, Alex Riley, a fan, and Nikki Bella.

The fourth and final video is a basic question and answer segment with WWE fans around the world. This installment features Daniel Bryan, Kofi Kingston, Heath Slater, David Otunga, Ted DiBiase, and Alicia Fox.

Overall I found the videos to be entertaining. However, I kinda wish they would have the superstars remain in character

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