Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Raw Review 2/27/2012

1. We start the show with a face to face between Punk and Jericho. 

Jericho says he's part of a dying breed of Superstars. Didn't we get this same promo from Taker and Triple H last week? 

Punk says that Jericho is jealous of him because he is the top dog and a bigger star than Jericho ever was. Jericho responds saying he returned to embarrass Punk. 

Punk continues by saying he was born to be a wrestler and Jericho is too busy writing books and being a rockstar to truly be the "Best in the World".

CM Punk: "I was swimming with sharks while you were dancing with the stars". Line of the night.

These two have played off each other so well and I know that they will be trying to steal the show on April 1st.

Daniel Bryan comes out for the next match and attacks Punk before the bell.

2. CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan III

These two pick up right where their last two matches left off. 

Big Johnny w/ Otunga and Teddy Long w/ Santino are on commentary. I just had a horrible realization. This whole GM conflict is going to lead to Otunga vs Santino at Wrestlemania to see which GM will reign supreme. *shudders and vomits*

Otunga with a distraction to Punk. Bryan goes for the LaBell Lock but its countered. A double cross body leads to Otunga again trying to get involved, but Santino hits the Cobra to stop Mr. Jennifer Hudson. 

Bryan tries to sneak away with his World Title but gets stopped on the ramp by Sheamus, who tosses him back in the ring to recieve a GTS. Punk goes for the pin but Big Johnny jumps in the ring and waves off the match.

Winner: No Contest

Teddy Long in to shove Laurinaitis on his ass, which leads to the GM's being seperated.

While this is happing, Punk exits up the ramp and gets attacked from behind by Jericho. Big slam on the stage to Punk, followed by an Old School Liontamer. Nice touch.

Jericho is pulled off, but the damage has been done.

3. Kelly Kelly vs Nikki Bella

So I guess they're working toward a Kelly/Eve feud. Yuck. But Cole also name dropped Trish Stratus. Guest ref? 

Kelly with a nice bridge to win this "match".

Winner by Pin: Kelly Kelly

4. Wrestlemania 27 Rematch: John Cena vs The Miz

The Miz out with a mic to complain about not being signed for a match for WM 28. He calls himself the hardest working guy in WWE. 

Really? REALLY?! I gotta call BS. I respect how hard Cena works as the face of WWE. He just pulled double duty today with Raw and the Daytona 500.  I bet Miz spent the day hiding from WWE management backstage. Poor Miz.

Nothing really stood out in this match. And it was over quickly with Cena winning clean with an STF.

Winner by Submission: John Cena

5. Tag Team Title Match: R-Truth & Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger vs Epico & Primo (c)

This match is was all over the place and did a good job of keeping all six men in the mix. Too much action to keep track of.

Trouble in Paradise to Swagger followed by a Backstabber on "The all American American" to give the Tag Champs the win.

Winners and still Tag Team Champions: Epico & Primo

PYRO!!!! Its Kane.

The Big Red Machine destroys everyone in his path with plenty of chokeslams to go around. I guess he's not dead from landing in all that padding at Elimination Chamber.

5. John Lauriniatis. Blah Blah. David Otunga. Blah Blah. Teddy Long. BLAH!!!! 

6. A recap of just how big a whore Eve is played, before we get the "One Woman Ho Train" herself.

Im not buying this chick as a heel. 

Kelly Kelly confronts Eve backstage about her recent change of attitude. Eve laughs in her face and walks away. 

7. The Big Show & Sheamus vs Cody Rhodes & Mark Henry

Rhodes grabs the mic before the match, just to rub in Big Show's loss to Floyd Mayweather at Wrestlemania 24. We get a video package highlighting every embarassing moment from that feud in 2008. 

Big Show and Rhodes are set to start, but Cody tags in Henry instead. Big Show unleashes his fury on Henry as Rhodes retreats. Sheamus in with a Brogue Kick to the Worlds Strongest Man. This one is already over.

Why continue to use Mark Henry while he's injured? He cant work a proper match right now and all their doing is killing his heat as a monster heel that they worked hard to create when Henry was the World Champion. This is just dumb. 

Winners by Pin: Big Show & Sheamus

8. The Rock Returns to confront John Cena.

Im not even gonna try to give a word for word recap of what is said here. Thats what the video below is for. 

However I have some things to say.

First off we all know that The Rock isn't on Raw every week. The man paid his dues and worked his ass off when he was in Cena's place as the face of the company. When Steve Austin went down with an injury, it was The Rock that carried the WWE on his back. He is free to do as he pleases at this point in his life. So the argument that Dwayne isn't around all the time is both disrespectful and just all around stupid.

Now onto John Cena. Im not the biggest fan of Cena as a babyface. I dont think that will come as a huge surprise to hear. But the man is a workhorse and I will always respect what he has done. Like I mentioned before with how The Rock carried WWE when the company needed him the most, Cena has had to be the standard when the roster is at the thinnest its been in decades. Who else is on his level? Randy Orton? Thats a given. CM Punk? Only since last July. Like I said earlier, Cena has earned my respect as a hard worker. And I could really get behind him...as a #HEEL.


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