Thursday, February 23, 2012

Marking Out From My Couch: Misc. Etc.... Yeah, I've been gone for a bit.

So, there has been a lot going on. Some of you may have picked up on the fact that my old podcast is up and going again (The Drunk Show), but not an excuse to ignore the blog. Back back again!

Your Royal Rumble Winner: Sheamus

Well hello there left field, didn't see this coming from you. Sheamus was a dark horse winner for me in what was an overall lackluster show. WWE in essence just trolled us all with the Jericho build up only to have him lose in the final two with Sheamus picking up the victory. Good for Sheamus though, glad to see he is going to get the nod and get a title match against the same guy that he got bumped off the card with last year. I hope Bryan and Sheamus put on such a good match they make the entire company regret bumping them last year.

HHH v. The Undertaker

Wrestlemania XXVIII is less than six weeks away and I gotta admit, the four announced matches so far are awesome. They needed something to make Taker/HHH special this year and to make it stand out from the other high caliber matches on the card, Hell In A Cell does just that. It is hard to disagree with what both guys have said in promos, they're a dying breed, the last of the Attitude era (yes I know Taker was a huge star before then). I'm expecting a great match between these two and a lot more back and forth instead of the squash match with a "surprise" end. Don't be surprised to see HBK pop up in some form to move this story along or even be the referee for the match. Hey look... more Undertaker stuff for our next point!

When will The Undertaker retire?

This isn't that year. Undertaker won't even lose this year and if you wanna disagree with me, ask yourself this: would Vince McMahon pass up on all the money selling 20 - 0 shirts would bring in? Answer, no. I think Taker will be sparsely used and then hang up the trench coat after WM XXX, iconic show and you can build the entire show around it being his last match. I just don't think it would be smart to build The Undertaker's last match around a show that has been built around The Rock for over a year. Then again, WWE isn't known for their logic so this could be the last match for The Dead Man but I hope not.

Filling in the WM undercard:

Aside from the four matches you all know are taking place, what else do we add to the event? Obviously a Divas match (presumably Kharma v. Phoenix) in addition to that I can think of 4 other matches to add. Shaq v. Big Show isn't exactly one of my ideas but there it is. Next on the list is Ryder v. Kane, it'd make for a good cap off for the feud or even a new way to bring Ryder back. Team Big Johnny v. Team Teddy for control of both shows, if you don't see this coming that's just surprising, don't know what they'll do with Teddy when he loses this power struggle but who knows. Money In The Bank ladder rounds out the list even though one of front runners of this match is now injured for upwards of two months: Wade Barrett. Which brings us to our next point!

Smackdown in peril?

Orton has a concussion, Barrett is injured, and the last new possible feud for Daniel Bryan is taking place. What changes need to be made to Smackdown to improve the show? The first and foremost point: go live every week. You won't see drastic ratings improvements over night but it'll help. Second: Cena turns blue. They may have teased this last year, but with RAW pulling Smackdown guys weekly, why not put the biggest merchandise seller on both shows every week, especially when he would help boost Smackdown house show sales. Do I think this will happen, no chance. Sadly I think CM Punk will switch brands this year which is stupid considering the hot streak he is on. Third: tag team division matches that matter. Evan Bourne fucked over the resurrection of the tag division on his own but they need to start building it back up. Finally, stop treating Smackdown like a stepchild you don't love. Everything about Smackdown proves that WWE considers it a secondary show that doesn't matter. If WWE wants people to watch Smackdown, WWE needs to start acting like it matters.

Hope you like the read guys! Until next time, I'm samx1605. Have fun.

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