Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ding Dong Vince Russo's Gone

The Prince of Something On a Pole Match, The Pulverizer of Wrestling Promotions, The Bastard of Booking,  and The Dean of Unnecessary Dance-offs, all nicknames for Vince Russo that I made up in the last 10 seconds to convey exactly how I feel about the guy. Granted, I have never met Vince Russo, for who may be the nicest guy to walk the earth. However, I do know that there isn't one person who has failed upward in the wrestling world as much as him and while doing so has done more damage to my favorite entertainment source than possibly anyone.

There are some people who will read this and say, "HE WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ATTITUDE ERA!", those people refuse to realize that while he may have something to do with the Attitude Era, he wasn't a major player in making guys like The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mankind, and many others stars. Those guys would have become what they are with or without Vince Russo's ideas being filtered by Vince McMahon.
Two weeks ago(it has been rumored that it was longer than that) Russo and TNA Impact Wrestling amicably went their separate ways. In those last two weeks since the news broke Impact has had it's two best episodes and one of the best PPVs I have seen from the promotion since I have known of their existence. Storylines and matches made sense and there was less ignorant backstage segments. I can't believe that it is just a coincidence  that after Russo was no longer in charge that the product took a 180 and got better. For the first time ever I can actually say that the last two weeks of Impact was better than WWE Raw.

For a long time other wrestling fans would ask me why I punish my eyeballs by watching TNA when it was just so terrible, I would answer that they have a ton of talent and I want to be there to see when they turn the corner  to a decent source of wrestling. That was usually followed up by, "It will never happen with Vince Russo there, and he isn't going anywhere." Well, Russo is now gone and TNA Impact has improved in two weeks, and seems to be getting better by the week. So, to all those people who refused to watch TNA because Russo made it unbearable to watch, I ask that you come back. Make TNA strong. Because the stronger TNA gets the better the entire wrestling world gets.


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    1. If you don't see an improvement in the episodes then I don't know what to tell ya. I stand behind my it has been better than Raw comment

  2. You just made my decision on what to watch tonight for me. Been too busy to keep up the last two weeks. I might even review it. lol.