Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sara Del Rey, Diva Division Savior

We have all done it. We're watching Raw or Smackdown and when there is a diva's match we get up and go to the bathroom, or change the channel to something for five minutes, or blankly stare at the television until the segment is over, and quickly forget whatever we saw because, quite frankly, the diva's division is a joke. Fans who believe the diva division can be a source or actual entertainment beyond ,"Wow,she is hot!", thought they were in for a treat when Kharma showed up on WWE programming to scare the wits out of the diva division. They probably were until, not more than two months later, Kharma first killed any hope we had in her character development as a diva slayer, and then probably killed any chance the diva's division would get any serious consideration when she announced she was pregnant, sidelining her for at least a year.

For the most part, since Kharma's disappearance, the diva's division has gone back to being something we ignore. Something WWE uses on their programming aND live events as filler for the people watching to use to go to the bathroom. However, if WWE wants to actually make people pay attention to the diva's division and make money(that is the point, right?) their first step should be to sign Sara Del Rey AKA The Queen of Wrestling AKA mrejr's Future Wife(Sup, Sara? Y'know, if you're reading this) and debut her immediately on Raw in the middle of a diva's match without ANY vignettes forecasting her appearance and have her smash an opponent of Beth Phoenix/Natalya Neidhart and make the two Divas of Destruction live up to their nickname.

Doing that would not only make the diva's division relevant, but it would also be perfect set-up for a feud with Kharma when she returns to settle who is the Queeb of the divas. It wouldn't be a two woman race, as Beth Phoenix and Natalya are currently being so misused it's pathetic. However, Kharma and Sara Del Rey have proven they can put on great matches with each other before independent promotions such as Shimmer and Ring Of Honor.For anyone questioning Sara's wrestling ability I suggest you watch this.


While I am aware that just adding Sara Del Rey to the WWE roster won't instantly "fix" the division, I feel that it would set the diva division up to be more interesting than what is going on at the nacho stand or in our refrigerators when we see that a diva match is coming on. Del Rey is a perfect mix of size, wrestling ability and*sigh* beauty that the WWE  would be foolish to not have her on their roster.

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