Monday, January 2, 2012

Gettin Heat: John Laurinitis

I thoroughly dislike John "Ace" Laurinitis. Not because he has ever done anything to me or anyone I know, but because he is so good at his job. No, I'm not just being a "haterz", every week on Monday Night Raw Laurinitis comes in to our homes and politely asks each and everyone one of us to kindly hate his guts. Some people need an over the top "IMMA GIT YOU!" bad guy to get their attention, and I'll admit, when done properly(ex. Mr McMahon) the "Being evil because...why the hell not" is probably the most interesting character type in wrestling. However, what Laurinitis is doing is something I have yet to see in wrestling, being a cluelessly kind hearted evil boss. Think of Laurinitis as an evil Michael Scott and not only will it be easier to enjoy hating his guts, but he will be even more entertaining.

Being forced into an onscreen role after CM Punk's now famous promo, Laurinitis' real-life job as Vice President of Talent Relations, and Vince McMahon's right hand man was brought to the forefront of a sizzling storyline that had even main-stream media talking about wrestling. Being brought on as the new Raw GM, replacing Triple H, Ace at first seemed to want to straddle the line of heel/face until he had to deal with an increasingly disrespectful CM Punk made him fully realize his heel potential.

While toned down a lot from the "YOU'RE FIRRRRRRRRRRRRED!" spewing Vince McMahon who in the end always won because..he is the owner of the company. That isn't to say I didn't love me some Vinny Mac, but Ace's character wallows in a "Watch this ! This will be clever and exciting!" and then delivers something no one wants and is oblivious, or not caring, about the boos. He isn't doing it to be a heel he is doing it because HE believes it is clever and exciting. He's the guy who doesn't understand why his wife doesn't like that she got brand new and exciting pots and pans for Valentine's Day and when it is explained to him why he responds with "Well at least we got something we needed.". He's a heel without knowing and when someone lets him know that he is being a predictable asshole he owns it.

Beyond his character's actions is the character backstory, most of which is true. Laurinitis is a former mid-card performer who somehow became one of the most powerful men in the wrestling world. In the time he took over WWE hasbeen giving us wrestlers who look, talk, and wrestle the same way while letting unique, talented wrestlers go because they didn't fit a mold(like Colt Cabana AKA Scotty Goldman and...the list is long so I 'll just use Cabana as an example). He is the guy at work that no matter what he does he always seems to fail upwards. He may have multiple fails on his record but because the boss likes him, he gets the big corner office and trashes anyone to him if they have an idea that wasn't his..or he just steals the idea for himself.

I get that Laurinitis is really dry, which can be confused with boring, but if you really pay attention to his plainness instead of just paying attention to the shiny WWE superstar standing next to him you will understand that he is one of the most entertaining parts of the show. He's not gonna come out and ask that you hate, him but he is going to do everything in his power to make it happen..whether he is realizing it or not. And if you can't get why that makes him a good, natural heel then I wish you the best in your future endeavors.

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