Saturday, December 31, 2011

Get To Know An FCW Superstar: Leo Kruger

The reigning FCW champion, Leo Kruger has been in the wrestling business since 1998. While not as well known as our first two Get To Know profilees in the states before coming to WWE's developmental territory, Kruger made his name in the South African wrestling promotion, World Wrestling Professionals, home of another FCW, and current WWE superstar Justin Gabriel.

Debuting in FCW in 2010 Kriger started of on a bad note losing his first few matches before beating Jacob Novak and beginning a feud with Gabriel that saw two trade wins. Kruger then started a tag team with Derrick Bateman, going by the name of The Handsome Man Express(shouldn't it be Men?)disbanding after unsuccessfully pursuing the FCW tag team championships. Not easily dissuaded, Kruger once went after the tag team titles with Tyler Reks only to fall short again. Kruger, after splitting up with Reks won many matches until losing a mixed tag team match. In his final match against Bo Rotundo, Kruger lost feeling in his arm, and the match, and while recuperating was a commentator for FCW, sharpening his promo skills.

2011 saw Kruger capture the FCW gold after Rotundo vacated the title after being injured in a really good fatal four way match against Husky Harris, Damien Sandow, and Dean Ambrose.

News of Kruger working some match with the WWE has me interested in seeing more from him on the big stage. Even though Kruger didn't get his experience on the the independent scene Kruger has proved that he is ready to hang with the main WWE roster with decent mic skills and a polished in ring move-set.


  1. HOPE TO SEE KRUGER ON THE MAIN ROSTER SOON...his website has more background info of his days in South Africa. Very interesting.