Friday, December 30, 2011

Make 'Em Famous(er): Truth Martini

When the announcement came down that Ring of Honor(after being dropped by HDNet) was going to be available in my area after Sinclair Broadcasting bought (probably) the biggest independent wrestling promotion in the United States I was, of course, psyched. More wrestling is always welcome on my television(even TNA/Impact Wrestling) and I have heard a so much about ROH from the internet about how ROH is home to the best WRESTLING in the states bar none. As soon as I saw the first show I knew everything I had heard about it having the best wrestling was absolutely true. Despite having some problems, that I wont get into here, ROH , from  a pure wrestling standpoint is head and shoulders above everyone else in the States. However, as I have continued to watch ROH there has been one person in particular who has caught my eye, and my ears, more than anyone else. That one person is Life Intervention Expert Truth Martini.

Truth Martini immediately grabbed my attention when he first spoke into the mic with one of the most unique voices I have ever heard. Not only is his voice unique but, to be honest, the man can cut a entertaining promo. Similar to famous managers of the past like Bobby Heenan, Jimmy Hart,Jim Cornette, and Captain Lou Albano, Truth helps make guys, who may or may not have the mic skills, that much more entertaining without becoming the storyline himself, but still letting you know that if he wasn't involved the storyline wouldn't be nearly as entertaining.

Currently the mastermind of the stable House of Truth featuring Roderick Strong and "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin, Truth usually makes himself the most useful when one of his guys seems to be losing a match by taking them to the side and dispersing expert advice, as Truth himself has been known to get in the ring and win a few matches himself.

When not making wrestlers that much better on-screen Truth helps make wrestlers by running a wrestler acclaimed wrestling school called The House Of Truth in Michigan(get your site fixed Truth so I can properly link to it.)

While I enjoy Truth in ROH, whenever I see him I always wonder why the WWE hasn't snatched him up and paired him guys like Ezekiel Jackson, Alex Riley, Mason Ryan, and other wrestlers who lack the charisma to make fans want to see them in the ring or on television. While I know the video selection have been somewhat limited and not fully illuminating of Truth's skills, you're gonna have to take my word(OR MAYBE WATCH ROH YOURSELF!) that he is by far the best manager wrestling has to offer. And that is the Truth.

Watch ROH anytime by becoming a ringside member to their site here

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