Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jeremy's WWE Raw Recap

Luckily for you I have roped someone in to give you all a a recap of Raw on a regular basis in case you missed Raw last night, or just like reading about stuff you watched. Nothing to be ashamed about, I read stuff on something I watched all the time. This fella's name is Jeremy and he created the Facebook group Wrestling Matters(join it, the more the merrier.). Here is his recap.

Raw Breakdown:

1. Dolph Ziggler owns Mick Foley. Foley wants in the Royal Rumble. Really? Really?! REALLY?!! Im a BIG Mick Foley fan, but I'd rather see youth getting spots. Enter Punk and Big Johnny. Foley gets denied as I wonder what the point of all this was.

2. Tag Titles: Epico & Primo vs Air Boom. SHORT squash match. Bourne gets destroyed as he wonders if he can learn to like the taste of shit.

3. Chris Jericho is added to the Main Event. Lets see how hour number two does this week. I think it will do good. If not, haters gonna hate.

4. US Title: Zack Ryder vs Jack Swagger. Ryder's push gets nixed for last weeks abysmal rating as he loses the title. It couldn't have been due to the piss poor writing, could it? No way. Lets blame it on the Woo Woo Woo guy.

5. Perez Hilton ruins an already shitty Diva segment. Moving on.

6. Truth and Barrett ramble. Miz attacks. Sheamus to the rescue. Teddy Long makes it an Over the Top Challenge. Truth wins. Meh.

7. Big Johnny puts Cena in a match vs Swagger. Wonder if Kane gets involved? *Sarcasm*

8. Cena refuses to rise above hate and destroys Swagger. Kane on the screen to end Swagger's misery. Didnt see that coming...

9. Funkasaurus vs JTG. Somebody call my Momma, I think I dig this guy!

10. Daniel Bryan continues to heel it up. He tells Big Show not to show his face on Smackdown. Im digging it. Basically the only guy making me want to watch the 'B' show right now.

11. CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Chris Jericho vs Dolph Ziggler, Mark Henry, David Otunga. My first thought is, Punk is teaming with two guys who are on the cusp of being heels? Things dont look good. Before long, Jericho tags in and plays to the crowd (Again) before tagging in Bryan and walking out. Nice. Henry beats Bryan to the back as Mick Foley is added to the match at the 'request' of Big Johnny. Foley in! Sweet Shin Music to Otunga. 1-2-3, Punk and Foley win...for a second. Big Johnny reverses the decision, claiming he never added Foley to the match. Punk takes the pipebomb and verbally lays into Big Johnny. Good stuff. Punk leaves. Big Johnny does his best VKM impression and says he WILL screw Punk at the Rumble before nailing Mick Foley with the Mic. Fin.

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