Monday, May 21, 2012

Marking Out From My Couch: Dusting off the keyboard...

I'm writing to you after a lengthy hiatus, I don't have a valid excuse for my absence but I'm back to give my opinion on several things going on right now in WWE specifically. Jump right into it shall we.

In what is probably the best on paper feud WWE has right now, CM Punk is wrestling Daniel Bryan tonight for the title, in what should be an instant classic if it is given the time it needs. Punk and Bryan have known each other for around a decade and I think the two will give it everything they have just to prove that they're deserving of the spots they have. Seriously, Bryan said in an interview that he plans to pull out some new moves tonight and Punk is guaranteed to deliver. Thes rest of the card tonight to me is lacking, but, it does bring me to my next point.

Who the fuck cares about Big Johnny v. John Cena? The ending was telegraphed on RAW when Big Show was "fired" and then the WWE board said that no current WWE star could interefere in the match. Even if it isn't Big Show there will be a run-in and Cena will lose. If Cena is taking time off, they need to do it sooner than later, pull the guy off TV now and let him handle his injuries *ahem* and personal issues. If Cena wins tonight without any run-ins I will eat a shoe, promise.

I have to wonder how badly WWE is regretting Lesnar. The guy seems to carry himself like nothing but a diva backstage, complaining about his match, saying Cena purposefully tried to hurt him, and doing all of it just to prove that he can quit at anytime and no one can stop him. Congrats Brock, you're the sixteen year old who looks at his parents and thinks he has unlimited power cause he can drive. Hey, seriously though, thanks for getting Paul Heyman back on my TV.

Chris Jericho is wrapping up with WWE this week. What? Why? Who the fuck writes this shit, you bring back one of the best mic workers EVER to have him LOSE EVERY DAMN TIME. Same ole' WWE writing geniuses. I was happy to see Jericho come back, really I was, but then nothing happened. He lost at the Rumble, lost in the Chamber, lost at 'Mania, lost at Extreme Rules.... switched focus to a different title, and following suit since he is apparently leaving he will lose tonight. I hope I eat my words on this one and he wins tonight and tours with Fozzy wearing the damn belt to keep up kayfabe while he is gone. Doubt it will happen, but I can dream.

Anyone remember when The Rock said he wanted to be WWE champion then walked off into the sunset. Yeah, me neither. Apparently WWE had planned on building towards Rock v. Brock for the title at WMXXIX. I have only one thing to say to that, why? Why would you devalue your biggest "prestige" (aside from losing to Triple H or Cena) by having two part-timers headline your biggest event of the year? They only have Lesnar for a limited number of dates and who knows when The Rock will return for a very sporadic time before leaving again.

WWE is moving RAW to three hours every week starting with the 1000th show at the end of July. Good or bad move, too early to say. A lot of people within the company don't think it will last more than a couple months and that when "The Network" launches, that the 8 - 9 hour will be more of a pre-show or recap of the previous weeks programming. I don't think this is a bad idea because it SHOULD lead to longer matches while not taking away from the story aspect, whether or not that happens is yet to be seen. On this though I will give WWE the benefit of a doubt.

Alright, quickfire notes to finish this massive amount of complaining up! Good job WWE for again trying to revamp the tag team division after Evan Bourne killed it on his own last year, four of the best mid-carders tonight going for the belts, should be good! Speaking of Dolph Ziggler he recently tweeted that he wants an iron-man match on the 1000th RAW and used the hashtag  #anyTAKERs  sign me up to watch that dream match any day of the week. Planting seeds to combine the US and IC titles is good, with only one general manager and people going back and forth on shows I don't see a point for two titles in any form anymore.

Alright guys, it has been fun and even with all my complaining I do still enjoy WWE and look forward to see what they do tonight and in the next few months! Hope you enjoyed.


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