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TNA Live Event Review 4/27/2012

1. TNA X Division Title:  Austin Aries© vs Zema Ion

Good opener. The crowd loved them some ADouble and Ion got some good heat as well. Aries nails the Brainbuster to pick up a win.

Winner and still champion: Austin Aries©

2. Next we had to sit and watch as TNA continued to milk the "You screwed Bret" BS with Earl Hebner. It's time to put this one to bed, people. Earl came out and heeled it up to the crowd, including getting in kids faces and flipping people off. He then takes off his stripes to reveal his "Damn right I did" T-shirt, before walking around the ring acting like Hart. What really pissed me off was the fact that they did this same exact thing at at last years show. Bringing up Montreal in 2012 wont get you heat, it will only make you look sad. Last year I got to meet Earl and his son Brian. Earl seemed like a really nice guy, and I bet he hates having to continue to with this crap. 

During all of this, Don West announced that two weeks ago Earl Hebner refereed his 100,000th match. Congrats to Baby Earl.

3. TNA Knockouts Title: Gail Kim© vs Velvet Sky

Velvet was really over with the crowd, wonder why? Kim hits Eat Defeat to retain her title.

Winner and still champion: Gail Kim©

4. Motor City Machine Guns vs Daniels & Kazarian 

Before the match Daniels takes the mic.

Daniels:  "I believe it was Socrates who said If you want my body, and you think I'm sexy, come on sugar let me know!" After saying this, the guy next to me went nuts. Like 13 year old girl at a Justin Beiber concert, nuts. 

This was the match of the night for me. Lots of quick tags and high impact moves. I am so happy that I got to see these guys in the ring together. TNA once upon a time was anchored by these four guys, and several others in the X Division. So it was nice to know that even now, they delivered the best action on the show.

Winners by Pinfall: Motor City Machine Guns

5. Jeff Hardy vs Gunner

It's good to see that Hardy is getting his life back together. He did a great job of making Gunner look good in this match. Hardy hit the Twist of Fate to the delight of the crowd.

Winner by Pinfall: Jeff Hardy

6. Matt Morgan vs Crimson

Pretty much what you would expect from these two big men. The match was pretty slow and really took me out of the action. Crimson hits a seated clothesline to get the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Crimson

7. TNA World Title: Bobby Roode© vs Rob Van Dam

RVD was EXTREMELY over with the crowd and Roode picked up a ton of heat as well. Before the match could get started, Roode tried to walk away from the match. The ref then said he had till the count of 10 to get in the ring, or he would lose the title. Of course Roode made it back in at 9 1/2.

Once the match got underway, it turned into a hard hitting, fast paced main event. RVD used all of his big spots during the match, and Roode sold like a heel champion should. RVD then missed the five star frog splash and got caught with a fisherman suplex to end it.

After the match Roode tried to ambush RVD with the TNA Championship but was stopped by RVD, who grabbed the belt and celebrated his victory as Roode begged to get his title belt back. The ref eventually got him to hand it over and Roode returned to the back still Champion.

Final Verdict: TNA does a great job with their house shows. The fan interaction was amazing. Throughout the show Don West was tossing out Merchandise to the fans, and he even signed my sons Jeff Hardy shirt from ringside. There also was chances to meet RVD, Hardy, Velvet Sky, Earl & Brian Hebner, and Gail Kim during the show. For $20 after the main event, you could bring your entire group in the ring to get pictures with Rob Van Dam, and there was a meet and greet before the show for those who purchased ringside seats. WWE should really look into doing the same, when they bring their house shows to town I usually skip them. But I will always pay to see TNA live because of how well they treat the fans.

Photos by Jeremy Borash and

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