Sunday, April 8, 2012

My WrestleMania 28 Experience

Hello Everyone,

As you all I know, I attended WrestleMania 28 @ the Sunlite Stadium in Miami, Florida.
I started my WrestleMania weekend saturday morning as I head to the Sunlite Stadium to attend the WWE SuperStore and Meet Santino Marella. I arrived at approximately 0630 even though doors did not open until 1030am. I was nuber 5 there and as we got closer to opening the more and more people showed up to meet Santino. Only the first 300 got wristbands which guaranteed them an autograph and picture so I was pretty excited. The doors open and I continued to wait in line until finally Santino shows up at 1115am. Once everything got ready the line began to move, when I got to Santino I thanked him for being the United States Champion and told him that I was a Marine. I asked him to please make the autograph to Kailer, who is one of my best friends and he couldnt make it. He asked me how to spell it, but I had his name written on the wristband to make things easier for him. He read the name and signed the picture. When it was time for the picture I asked him to please do the cobra with me and he said "NO". At moment I felt like all the time I time I spend waiting was a waste of time. I never in my life excepted to be dissapointed in Santino, it was like he is this rich guy that was too good to make his fans happy.

On Saturday night I attended the Hall of Fame Ceremony and it was amazing. JBL had by far the best introduction than anyone else, he introduce Ron Simmons. The Uso Brothers talked about their uncle Yokozuna and Rikishi accepted the award. Shawn Michaels and Triple H introduced Mike Tyson, the intro was funny but once Tyson came out everything went down hill. He did not have a speech set up and it was absolutely ridiculous. Alberto Del Rio talked about his uncle Mil Caras. Dusty Roodes introduced the FourHorse Men and finally Christian introduced Edge. This is not anything close to the order that it happened. The only thing that I have to say about this ceremony is that Edge was incredible. He held himself very well, but once everything was set and done he stood up and thank his mom for everything and just bursted into tears. I got the change to meet Christian, Edge and his mother backstage and she was super nice. I thanked Edge for everything he did and she look at me and said "Thank you for all the support, my son couldn't have done any of this if it wasn't for all of you faithful fans". I tried to take a picture with all three of them but I was being rushed out because they had to leave, but it was a very nice moment and I wish I would've taken a picture with them.


On Sunday afternoon I attended the WWE Axxess it was quite interesting. I made sure to buy the 1230 to 1630 times because I wanted to meet Kelly Kelly :). I showed up at 1200 and got in line, once I got inside I made it to the first Superstar signing section, there were 6 and noone knew which superstar would show up so you had to just wait in line and hope that someone you liked haha would the one on that section. After waiting about 35 minutes the first person that shows up is Mason Ryan. I am not a fan of that guy but he does look exactly like Bastista, he was actually very nice and talked to me for a while and posted for a picture. Other superstars there were Tyler Reiks, Curt Hawkins, Layla, Sgt Slaughter, Ted Dibiese Sr, Alex Riley, Heath Slater, Howard Finkle, Derrick Bateman, Maxine, Hill Billy Jim, "Showtime" Percy Watson, The Uso Brothers and Sin Cara. I was able to take pictures and autograph from some of them, but others it was too much and the lines were too long haha I just didnt want to wait that long.. Axxess was not too bad there were some matched but I didnt know who fought, since I spend most of the time waiting to meet Superstars.

I arrived to the Sunlite Stadium for WrestleMania at around 1730 and there weren't a lot of people at all. I was very upset because noone knew where my seat was at first. When I bought my ticket, it said that I was sitting by the entrance ramo, but when I got there I ended up being 100 feet from the ring which was not too bad after it took them about 35 minutes to figure out where they placed the chairs that belong to my section. The sun was blazing and it made things very uncomfortable at first when I got there, people were complaining that it was too hot and was just waiting for the show to finally start. Justin Roberts came out at around 1800 and told us that the show would begain in one hour. Finally we saw a couple of referees that came out and took pictures from the stage and then headed back to the back area. At around 1830 everyone started to come to the ring, Michael Cole got a lot of heat and Jerry "The King" Lawyer of course got a huge pop. I was very exicted for the Dark Match which involve the Uso Brothers vs Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel vs Epico & Primo, because I was born and raised in Puerto Rico and was brought up watching Carlitos Colon (Primo's father and Epico's uncle) on TV. After the dark match Lilian Garcia came out and sang 'America The Beautiful' which gave me chills and me being a Marine, it made me just think about how awesome it is to live in the place I call home now; America. I am not going to go and talk about every match because everyone know the results already but I will only point out the ones that made my experince well worth it.

Hell in a Cell Match-Tiple H vs The Undertaker with Shawn Michaels as Special Referee; Absolutely the best match of the night by far. I was in tears throughout the match because of the story that they told. Shawn Michaels played his role very well and Hunter and Taker gave it their all out there. I was honestly not sure which way it was going to go, at times I thought that Hunter had it just because of the way things were playing out. When Shawn hit the superkick on Taker, I thought it was all over but when Taker kicked out the place went NUTS! I was standing on my chair watching and waiting while the people working there were yelling at me to get down. I was yelling back at Taker to finish HHH not paying any attention the arena workers there. I had a very hard time during my time in Florida and this match honestly made it all worth it and Im glad that I stuck around enough to finally see it live.

Kane vs Randy Orton
I am a HUGE Kane fan, many will admit and/or argue that he is not very good, but I enjoy everytime Kane hits the ring. I was very happy that he got a match at WrestleMania and while others said he was not going to come out on top, when he chokeslam Orton and pinned him 1-2-3, I think I was the only person that jumped up from his seat and screamed from the top of his lungs. It was an absolute treat seeing Kane wrestle for the first time and seeing take the match at WrestleMania made things even better.

Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan for the World Heavyweight Championsip
Super dissapointed that the match was not longer!! I wanted to see more Sheamus and Bryan that getting stuck watching the Divas or even Team Teddy vs Team Johnny.

CM Punk vs Chris Jericho for the WWE Championship
I really enjoyed the matched, a lot of the people around me wanted Jericho to win and take the belt, but I thought it would be too soon and Punk is the one that needed the win. He is getting put in the position that Cena is in right now, and if he didnt take the win at WrestleMania things wouldn't have been gone too well for his push. CM Punk has been on a roll as of late and having him hold on to the WWE belt is a great decision. Yes, I would love to see Punk on chase mode, but the storyline with Jericho making punk the vulnerable champ makes sense. Punk's "Best in the World" slogan is being put to test right now even after his big win at WrestleMania, and I'm sure he will take things to a whole new level and bring live to WWE that we havent seen in a while.

John Cena vs The Rock
I absolutely HATE John Cena and I was glad Rock won.. enough said

Overall my WrestleMania experience was a really good one. For those that are planning to attend a WrestleManian in the near future, my suggestion would be to go with some friends. I was alone the entire time since all my Marine friends were not able to attend the show with me especially being stationed in North Carolina did not make the drive all that good. I think I would've had a way better experience if I was with people I knew that truly loved the prowrestling business as much as I do. For those attending WrestleMania 29 at the Metlife Stadium.. I WILL SEE YOU THERE!!!!

Thank you for taking the time to read by post and remember: CENA SUCKS!!!!

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