Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dolph Ziggler Upset with Sin Cara After MITB

Popping The Crowd's resident cover boy, Dolph Ziggler, has a bone to pick with 'botch specialist' Sin Cara. During their Money In The Bank match during the pay-per-view that shares its name, Sin Cara and Ziggler had a high-risk spot that didn't turn out as planned.

According to, a source within WWE says Ziggler was vocal about Sin Cara working 'stiff' and failed to protect him during a 'The Spanish Fly' maneuver. 'The Showoff' is rumored to be filing an official complaint that will be reviewed by WWE officers.

After watching a video of their spot, it is hard to place all the blame on Cara. Ziggler seems to slip on the turnbuckle after Sin Cara had already committed to the move.

Who do you think botched the maneuver? The video is posted after the jump.

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