Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Interview: Stevie Jonak

When did you decide you wanted to get involved in wrestling?

I started watching wrestling at 10 years old and when I was 14 my cousin gave me the idea to become a manager, and I realized that that sounded like something I could not only do but something I could give my life to. I fell in love with that idea after that and it became the only thing I wanted to do.

Who were your favorites growing up? Favorite Manager? 

My favorite are Ric Flair, the Four Horsemen, and the Hart family. My favorite manager is Jimmy Hart.

Have you gotten to meet many big names since you started? And if so, what was your impression of them?

Since starting I have met and work Kevin Sullivan on a regular basis and he is a very sweet and intelligent man who I have a ton of respect for. I have also met Gangrel once and he was very sweet and great to talk to.

Managers are making a comeback of sorts in WWE, do you see them becoming as prominent as they were in the 80's & 90's? 

I'm not sure they will be as big as they used to be but its good to see them making a come back.

Who are you currently managing?

I am currently managing Homeland Security which consists of Triple D and the Native Assassin. They are the AIWF NW tag team champions.

You have Spina Bifida, and you are credited as being the first ever legitimately wheelchair bound manager. How do people react when they first see you come out to the ring? 

The fans seem to enjoy seeing me and have been very supportive so far in my career.

Take us through a normal day for you. What kind of struggles come with having Spina Bifida?

I spend a lot of time at home on my computer and watching TV I also work shows every weekend and spend time with friends and family. My biggest issues seem to be transportation because I do not drive right now so I take the bus a lot so getting around is hard. My other big issue is public facilities being wheelchair friendly. Able bodied people think the ADA solved all our problems but that's just not the case sometimes.

Do you ever get physically involved at ringside?

I have just now started to get physically involved and I love doing it. I feel like I'm officially a member of the roster.

You were featured in an issue of Pro Wrestling Illustrated, how did that come about?

I was given Frank Krewda's contact information by a co-worker and I emailed him giving him my story.

Any funny/strange stories from your time in the business?

Well last weekend was the second time that I've taken a bump while in the business. My youngest sister said seeing me get beat up would be funny and I had my Dad and step mom in town so I decided to give my sister her wish and let her see me get beat up. So one of the guys that my team was going against decided to throw me out of the chair in front of my family. Well my other sister Dani was not in on the act and when I flew out of the chair it freaked her out and she almost threatened to beat someone up. That was pretty funny.

Wrestling as a whole is down right now. What do you think needs to change to help it grow to where it was in the late 90's?

Good question well back in the 90's in was very unpredictable and there were no rules maybe (even though I like that they are safer now a days) it needs to stop being so predictable and safe. think outside the box just as they did in the 90's.

Any upcoming shows you would like to plug?

The AIWF Northwest is putting together their first Internet Pay Per View, getting together with EQ Pro Wrestling, SCW, and BCW from Portland Oregon and putting on a show at the B & I in Tacoma Washington. 5 dollars to watch the show online if you can not make the show and all the money goes to charity. EQPW also does three shows a month at the B & I Saturday's at 2 pm.

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