There are more independent wrestlers in this country than we can possibly count. Each of them give of their bodies night in and night out, inside small venues to entertain the fans, and to improve enough to hopefully one day get noticed and take that next step towards fulfilling their dreams. 

Our interview series continues with Indy wrestling's resident carnival freak, Jake Jeckyll.

When did you decide you wanted to be a Pro Wrestler? 

I started pro wrestling at an early age.. At 11yrs old all I wanted to do was be a pro wrestler... though life never really worked out the way ya want it to.. even though many years later here i am...

Who were your favorite wrestlers growing up? 

I had quite a variety of Favorites. The Junkyard Dog, Big John Stud, The Honkytonk Man, Greg Valentine, Kevin Sullivan, Scott Hall & Mean Mark Callaway (before he was The Undertaker), and Matt Borne aka Doink the Clown.. haha!

Was your family supportive of you becoming a wrestler? 

Supportive? As in coming to each show? Trying to help me by telling peeps what i do? Or wanted to be? No... i got the schpeel every young kid got... Don't you know how dangerous that is.... Do you have medical coverage? Etc..etc..I didn't care. I wanted to live my dream.

Where did you train and what was it like? 

My training wasn't anything stellar. i haven't paid the big bucks for it, or can pay. But I have gotten to be instructed with the likes of local talent Aaron Bolo, Ethan HD, Damon James, Ron Sutherland, and Dean Preston.

How long have you been competing?

On and off I'd say maybe 5 - 6 yrs, starting in a Bar with local musician/wrestler Jimmy Flame. It was just mainly entertainment for a drunk crowd. But it worked and had almost a solid run for a year.. don't get me wrong, that's basically how I came back to my dream of becoming what I am today. I would never... well okay, I maybe would go back and change a few things. But I'm proud of myself.

Have you met many big names since you started? 

Big Names, I haven't had the chance to face these guys in the ring. But maybe one day. I'm glad to have met Joey Ryan, Gangrel, U-Gene, Jake Roberts, Kazarny aka Sinn Bodhe, and then meeting the one wrestler I watched as a kid, Kevin Sullivan. 

My expectations and thoughts of meeting them, it can be overwhelming but I didn't act like a giddy schoolgirl hounding for attention. It was a polite hand shake and picture request, that's all. Maybe inquire on some advice or some silly rib story.

What is your favorite match that you have competed in so far, and why?  

I haven't really had my greatest match yet. But I have been in a number of Rumble Matches, come close to the last three. Hell, I even got a title match after never getting eliminated as I was thrown the through the middle ropes by Mike Santiago, another local I have mucho respect for. But yeah, as a one on one match.. that's still something I have yet to do.

Who is your dream opponent? 

I cant really just pick one person I'd have a match with. I mean I have so many inspirations that I have used to shape myself and create this persona of Jake Jeckyll. But I guess if it had to come down to it, I'd like to face Terry Funk. Whether it be straight one on one, or maybe an anything goes good ol' brawl. Yeah, that would be epic.. haha

What is the toughest and/or easiest part about being a wrestler?

Toughest, I'd have to say remembering just how to perfectly not get hurt bad. It's a risk, I mean anything can happen in that ring, if you slip it can either make or break you. Its something you gotta just huff out. The easiest would probably be distinguishing the difference between being the face or heel. Its too hard pleasing the crowd as a face, but then who doesn't always wanna be "The Bad Guy" (flicking toothpicks).

Any funny/strange stories from your time in the business? 

Well, some stories I've heard are pretty much not PG. But I have been ribbed a few times by the guys in SCW (SQUAMISH CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING) finding my gear bag filled with shaving cream. Or having a certain part of the anatomy on my cellphone (lol). Its always fun to see what happens. Because if it didn't, then they wouldn't like ya!!

What do you think about the PG direction of the current WWE product?

I'm sick of the way WWE Is running their product. They keep claiming they are listening to the fans, but really what do the fans really know? Unless they know what they are talking about. 

Its high time they bring in fresher talent and let creative doors open for the talent to work their own character. It could make or break it possibly, but if it doesn't happen what could it harm?

The business as a whole is down right now. What do you think needs to change to help it grow to where it was in the late 90's? 

Hmmm.. Tough question.. there are a number of variants.. make the storyline realistic.. or maybe work true fictional roles again. Maybe bring back the days of rafter matches, blindfold matches, throwing a football player in the mix. Hell, what's Mr.T doing for cash? LMAO!!

Where do you see yourself in 3 years from now? 

In three years, who knows  that's a big time span. But Maybe I might have that dream match. Maybe more rumbles. Honestly, with this business, like I said anything can indeed happen. I could be injured or moved on from this business. But with the right stuff anything can happen!

Any upcoming shows you would like to plug? 

well sadly I didn't get to finish this interview in time. But keep an eye on my page or twitter for something to be listed.. or @TheJakeJeckyll.. 

Until then... Don't trust a Clown.