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The Raw Review 6/25/2012

WWE Monday Night RAW 6/25/2012

The Allen County War Memorial Coliseum  Fort Wayne, IN.


I am still finding myself glued to this storyline. How long has it been since a Diva was used to this capacity in a major storyline in the WWE? I believe the Jericho/Christian/Trish Stratus arch from 2005 would probably be the last time.

AJ is just really good at playing the insane scorned lover. Every week I wait for the moment when she boils Daniel Bryan's bunny. And since he is a PETA supporter, I'm sure they could work that one in somehow.

Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk vs Kane

We get a Pay Per View rematch right out of the gate tonight. Not that I'm complaining, but shouldn't they have promoted this throughout the night as their Main Event? Or even a week in advance? That's why these fast paced builds towards PPV's suck. I'm sure there are plenty of people who would've anticipated seeing this one, and they could have used it to draw in viewers as the show went on.

This was a pretty good match, and was given a decent amount of TV time. I have nothing bad to say about this, other than it should have been the main event.

Finish: AJ comes out and does her skipping routine. This gives Punk an opportunity to hit Kane with the GTS. Punk goes for the pin, but he is kicked hard in the head by Daniel Bryan leading to the WWE Champion eating a loss to a fellow Vegan.

Update: Later in the show it is announced that a Punk/Bryan WWE Title match will happen at Money in the Bank.

I could not be happier. I had figured that the WWE brass was against having these guys go at it again on a Pay Per View, this is one time that I am glad to be wrong. Now if only they would make it a Submission Match. #BuyRate

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Big Show vs Brodus Clay

Well, WWE sacrificed Clay's win streak to the fucking Big Show. How is this a good thing? Show didn't need to beat him. They could have used Clay's streak to put over an up and coming talent, but instead they wasted it on someone who doesn't need the added exposure. This is just stupid. Guess Ryback is the only guy in WWE allowed to have any kind of streak...Has someone informed The Undertaker of this?

Finish: Clay tries for a Bodyslam but the weight of Show causes his injured knee to buckle. Show falls on top of the Funkasaurus and he scores the pin.

Winner: The Big Show

Post Match: Show hits the WMD on Brodus Clay to further bury him.

I guess Clay can join Tensai in the soon to be unemployed line.

Kane tells AJ that she is too crazy for him...She laughs.

: o

United States Title: Santino© vs Jack Swagger

What a waste of TV time!! I'm no Swagger fan, but having someone other than a comedy character as US Champion would've been great.

Finish: Cobra...Fin.

Winner: Santino©

John Cena's "historical" announcement.

I dug the Star Wars references. That was cool as far this this nerd is concerned, but what happened to the "Historical Announcement" part? Was he going to add himself to MITB? The world may never know because...


Jericho returns after a 30 day hiatus for some flag related shenanigans.

Throwing Jericho at Cena first thing, only makes Y2J a babyface as far as I'm concerned. ..

Excuse Me!!! Enter tonight's GM Vickie Guerrero. She says only former WWE Champions are eligible to be in Money in the Bank. She announces Kane, Big Show, Cena, and Chris Jericho as participants at the Pay Per View. And tonight we get Jericho vs Cena for the first time in years.

I hate the idea of only former champs being involved. Money in the Bank has always been about getting new stars into the WWE Title/World Title picture, so this is counter productive.

Everyone who has ever won MITB has cashed in the briefcase to win the top prize of their respective show, So what is the point? No matter who wins, we have already seen it. Out of the people announced for the match, Chris Jericho is the only guy I wouldn't mind seeing take the title. But the Punk/Jericho ship has sailed. If they were going to have the title switch, Wrestlemania was the time to do it.

With the news coming out this week that the idea is to have a Cena vs Punk WWE Title Match at Summerslam, I would bet anything that Cena will go over. And are we really surprised? I mean it will most likely be the main event after all. We all know that WWE wouldn't keep their golden boy away from the top of the card.

Sycho Sid vs Heath Slater

Sid returns to a major company for the first time since his accident at WCW's Sin PPV.

It was great seeing Sid after all these years. He didn't waste any time in destroying Slater in this match. And I will say, Slater is a great job guy for these legend returns.  And I would hope WWE rewards him with some kind of push. What? He's going to end up in the Clay/Tensai camp during the next roster cuts? Well that sucks.

Finish: Powerbomb from the master and the ruler of the world to end it.

Winner: SID!!!

Contract on a Pole: Dolph Ziggler vs Alberto Del Rio

I'm not huge on Pole Matches, but when is the last time we saw one in the WWE? And at least there isn't a bottle of Viagra at stake. God damn you WCW!!

These Heel vs Heel matches usually mean the crowd doesn't care either way, not in this one for the most part. I would say almost half of the audience was solidly behind Ziggler. And how could they not be?

Finish: After a mad scramble for the fallen contract, Sheamus comes out and calls for a No Contest. Both men will now face The Great White for the Title this week on Smackdown.

Winner: No Contest

Diva's Battle Royal

I threw up in my mouth at seeing Guerrero's attempt at looking HAWT. I mean for fuck sake, that was so gross. If I wanted to make out with an old lady, I would seek out Bret Bealer's Mom. #InsideJoke #BURN!!!!

Finish: AJ tosses out Vickie Guerrero to win, but nobody really cares about Diva Battle Royals.

Winner: AJ

Chris Jericho vs John Cena

This wasn't bad while it lasted. While not given a whole lot of time, They still managed to get some kind of momentum...until The Big Show's music hits and fucks all of that up.

Finish: Jericho has Cena trapped in the Walls of Jericho, Show enters the ring and drops a leg on Cena to cause a DQ.

Winner: John Cena

Post Match: Jericho question's Big Show's involvement, but decides not to press the issue with the incensed big man. Big Show then destroys Cena with a Chokeslam and continues to pummel him to end this episode.

Why do we still need to continue this feud? I mean what did we as wrestling fans do to deserve this? Oh brother, I think we have a long Summer ahead of us.

Final Verdict: Besides the actions of The Big Show, this wasn't that bad of a bad show. First off, I don't like that they served up the first loss of Brodus Clay to the proven veteran known as The Big Show. Why not continue to build up Clay and have him lose to the next big breakout heel? Maybe Dean Ambrose would have filled that role and used it to start a reign of terror. Guess we will never know. And after that Show interrupts what could have been a good closing match. There must be some kind of rule in the WWE that decisive endings to Raw are a no-go in 2012. Wish I would've gotten the memo, I could have been ending my reviews about fifteen minutes early.

I will also put the "only former champs qualify for Money in the Bank" crap into the negative pile this week. That is just a dumb move in my opinion, that does no good. But I'm guessing that WWE is probably going to have that match main event the PPV, so they want it full of top stars.

Sorry Punk, looks like you will be in the middle of the card yet again. And does this rule apply to the World Heavyweight Title Money in the Bank Match? Guess we will have to watch Smackdown to be sure.

Either way, this was a much better offering than previous weeks, and I'm looking forward to the Money in the Bank PPV slightly more than I was earlier today. At least they didn't throw some random drug addict out there in the closing segment. I'm looking at you TNA!!

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