Monday, June 18, 2012

Interview: Ricky Ruckus

There are more independent wrestlers in this country than we can possibly count. Each of them give of their bodies night in and night out, inside small venues to entertain the fans, and to improve enough to hopefully one day get noticed and take that next step towards fulfilling their dreams. 

Today we interview Number one contender for the HPW Heavyweight Title, and all around scary dude, Ricky Ruckus

When did you decide you wanted to be a Pro Wrestler?

I knew I wanted to be from a very young age. I grew up in the 80's watching old NWA and I was hooked.

Who were your favorites growing up?

My all time favorite was and always will be Macho Man. I was a big Horsemen and Midnight Express fan too. 

Was your family supportive of you becoming a wrestler?

My mom was cool with it. If I was going down to train then that meant I wasn't out getting into trouble. For once. So she was cool with it.

Where did you train and what was it like?

I trained in Madison Indiana by Eric Draven and Brandon Hunter. We would go down a few times a week over the summer and train outdoors in the heat and rain. It sucked but I loved it as well. I knew I wanted to do it.

How long have you been competing?

My first match was in 2000. Do the math. 

Have you gotten to meet many big names since you started? And if so, what was your impression of them?

Ive met quite a few big name guys including guys I grew up watching. I won the SCW tag titles with Ricky Morton which was really cool. I can honestly say I haven't met anyone with a name who I didn't have a good time meeting. It's all the backstabbing jealous wannabes that I usually have problems with.

What is your favorite match that you have competed in so far, and why?

To pick one match is hard. I've had so many I truly look back on and can say I'm proud of. 

Who is your dream opponent? 

Chris Benoit. I haven't heard anything about him in a while though so I think he quietly retired or something.

What is the toughest and/or easiest part about being a wrestler?

The toughest is dealing with all the pain and injuries from it while simultaneously having everyone tell you how fake what you do is. The best is getting to do what I love and getting a little fame for it. It's cool being known. Well unless I'm out and wanna be left the hell alone. 

Any funny/strange stories from your time in the business?

I can honestly say I don't remember a show where somethingggg funny or strange happens. It's a funny and strange business. 

What do you think about the PG direction of the current WWE product?

It's terrible. But I don't watch it anymore so whatever. Someone must like it they are still raking in the dough.

The business as a whole is down right now. What do you think needs to change to help it grow to where it was in the late 90's?

It will never be as big as it was in the 90's again. Too many channels, too much competition for peoples attention. Plus most of the intrigue then was flipping back and forth and seeing what WCW was doing and what WWF was doing. There is no more of that. It's like what Vince shoves down your throat or turn it off. Which is what I did.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

Not wrestling I know that. The ol back can't take too much more. Hopefully doing my videos and getting drunk. Not in that order.

Any upcoming shows you would like to plug?

June 30 JD Byrider in Columbus Indiana HPW is having their annual food drive show. Bring 6 cans of food and a lawn chair and have fun. All the food is donated to the Love Chapel food bank.

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