Monday, June 18, 2012

WWE No Way Out 2012 Review

World Heavyweight Title: Sheamus© vs Dolph Ziggler

I thought this was a pretty good match. Ziggler sold like only he does, and Sheamus kept up with Dolph for the most part. There were a few messed up spots in the middle, and you could tell that it was because Sheamus was getting a little winded. But still, both guys put on a great Pay Per View opening match. I would have had Ziggles win the title, but did anyone really expect him to take home the gold? Sheamus is in for a long run with the belt, but if this match proved one thing it's that these two would have a great feud for the belt.

Also, I have to mention how awesome the crowd was. Dolph Ziggler was over HUGE with the audience. It's always nice when WWE stops in a city full of smart wrestling fans.

Tuxedo Match: Santino vs Ricardo

What can I say? I love me some Ricardo!! The guy is so good at his role, he really is similar to Santino in that fact.

As for the "match"..It was what it was. Santino won and we found out he has a Cobra for a foot, and Ricardo wears Del Rio underwear. So yeah...

Intercontinental Title: Christian© vs Cody Rhodes

Great match from two guys I am more than ready to see moved into the main event. This match had great psychology and they executed on it perfectly. I did have a hard time getting into it at first coming off of the Tuxedo Match, but they quickly got me involved.

Cody Rhodes is going to be a star one day. In the past his size would limit him, but this is 2012. Our WWE Champion is barley over 200 lbs, so I'm sure Cody will be a player one day soon.

Fatal Four Way: #1 contenders for the Tag Team Titles: Epico & Primo vs Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd vs The Prime Time Players vs The Usos

What the hell was with The Uso's entrance? It was different...

I'm not a big fan of Four Way Tag matches, and this one was a good example of why I don't. They are always clusterfucks. The last few spots were good, but overall this match lacked direction.

As much as I hate the guy, I liked the AW swerve at the end. I could care less about The Prime Time Players. They suck. But that is why having Abraham Washington as their manager is a good thing. They need all the help they can get. I only question why they didn't hold this over till Smackdown? They don't deserve title shots this early. I was hoping that Kidd & Gabriel were going to win it. Hell, any team other than The Prime Time Players would've been a good choice.

Triple H challenges Brock Lesnar to a fight at Summerslam

As we already knew, these two will headline the Summer Time spectacular. And it's probably a safe bet that Triple H will win it.

I like that they are setting up the match two months in advance. It gives them time to build on the story going in. Just a nice old school touch. Remember when there was only a handful of PPVs a year? They had to take their time building up matches, and they were made to seem more important because of it. Yet another reason to cut the number of Pay Per Views they put on every year. Plus my wallet will thank them.

Diva's Championship: Layla© vs Beth Phoenix

I am now a fan of Layla's. Her little routine after taking Beth's headband at the beginning of the match was hilarious. And she isn't bad in the ring either. I was never a fan of hers back in the LayCool days, but that probably had more to do with all of the focus being put on Michelle McCool. She proved herself to me in this match.

I had predicted that Beth Phoenix would walk away with the title, and I also thought that Kharma would make her return. Neither happened. But what I did get was a damn good match by Diva standards.

Sin Cara vs Hunico

During this entire match I kept thinking to myself, "Why isn't Hunico being pushed yet". He is a damn good wrestler, much better than Sin Cara if you ask me. And the guy wrestles in Converse high tops. So I gotta like him.

Hunico carried the entire match. The best I can say about Sin Cara is that he didn't fuck up this time. But of course that is enough for WWE to continue shoving him down our throats.

WWE Title: CM Punk© vs Daniel Bryan vs Kane

The show isn't over and I already know that this was the match of the night. The addition of Kane both helped and hurt this WWE Title match. It was good in that it gave us something different, and bad because throughout the match I kept wish that I was watching another Punk/Bryan singles classic.

Punk added another great match to the list of ones he has had since winning the title in November. And you can tell that WWE is finally firmly behind Punk as the champion by how many times the announcers put over how great his title reign has been so far.

Great work by all involved. And the AJ story continues for better or worse. But I expect that it will be strictly a Punk/Kane issue going forward. Where that leaves Bryan is anyones guess.

Ryback vs Jobbers 'R Us

Squash. 'Nuff said.

Cage Match: John Cena vs The Big Show

This. Match. Was. BORING!

I understand WWE wanting to keep Cash Cow Cena in their PPV main events, but this match had no business closing this show. A Raw Main Event, sure. But not a show that people paid money to see. It's kind of sad that the opening match of the show out performed the finale in every way. I even enjoyed the Diva's Title match more. Not even joking. You would think that after last months Cena/Laurinaitis debacle they would want to give the fans something more for the biggest match on the card. Guess not.

Who would've guessed that Brodus Clay and his Mid-card mafia coming out to aid Cena would be the highlight of the match? So now Big Johnny is 'fired', but this is the WWE so we all know that we haven't seen the end of "People Power".

Final Verdict: I am going to give this show a B-. All the title matches were good, everything else not so much. That alone wouldn't have been too terrible if the Main Event hadn't sucked so bad and pulled the grade down under the weight of it's own failure. I am happy that I didn't pay to see this one.

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